Huang Bo and you meet FRST Festival

ninth China Xining · FIRST youth film festival main activities are hot, will be announced on the evening of July 27th awards. Yesterday, reporters from the Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival Organizing Committee was informed that the film festival awards ceremony that evening, Ambassador Huang Bo, the famous host Sa Beining and Jiang Wen, Xie Fei, Cao Jiuping, Cao Baoping, Yan Geling, Chang Chen, Dongyu Zhou, Huo Tingxiao, Dai Jinhua, Bao Dexi, Du Yuan, Liu Hua, reed, hill is three big coffee sure appeared in Xining, attended the FIRST festival.

it is understood that the chairman of the film festival jury and judges Yan Geling, Huo Tingxiao, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and she was determined by the judges, such as, Bao Dexi, and so on, and so on, and she was determined to attend the ceremony of FIRST,, and so on, and so on, and they were all in the. The film will enter the review review by professional scholars, film critics, the final nominees will be submitted to the seven hands, seven judges of the court of final will be in addition to make pertinent comments on each film, also wrote after reading the sentiment and opinions and suggestions on the current status of the youth director creation. The seven judges will also be present at the July 27th 16:30 media conference and the FIRST Youth Film Awards ceremony in 19:00.

in addition, this year’s festival ambassador, the famous actor Huang Bo will debut in Xining, two years later, Huang Bo again appeared FIRST Youth Film Festival celebration, will allow the public to view. The awards ceremony host identified as Sa Beining, the famous actor, director, screenwriter Jiang Wen, "girl" Dongyu Zhou, the famous actor Chang Chen and the famous Japanese movie producer mountain Shang three from filmmakers gathered together to witness this youth film event.


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