Mall site column page optimization focus on three major details

for a mall section of the page, that the individual can add some articles appropriately, so that the column page is more abundant, both image and text, the station optimization can optimize the appropriate from these articles, add more columns of keyword related articles, such as my title is _ tea – tea set tea price _ gift set, the same is the target keywords column, we should focus on these key words to write in the update, and then do the anchor text link, for this, I think we can make reference to the next long ceremony intended optimization mall site:



website title and Description:

The above is the

mall website page, a keyword optimization analysis summary, overall optimization of their tea site also has some defects, should be based on the adjusted optimization strategy, and thus more conducive to optimization. The tea price (


is optimized for a month of tea mall site, the general feeling is not very smooth, because it is too small to work station where, occasionally only through the community forums to post messages to do anchor text link keywords, column page is a picture based page, there is no way to update it, only through the promotion of the chain to do keywords ranking, this effect is not very good, through a small update Baidu round, keyword ranking effect is poor, although some less competitive keywords, but want to optimize it with a column page, often requires some time and effort to deal with.

, add the appropriate article improve the column weight


The column page article form:

a column page optimization, is certainly competitive relatively small keywords, but sometimes we should also refer to their own weight for the new station site, column page optimization should be based on the long tail keywords, and for a certain weight site, to the classification of goods as a keyword, so that when we program the target page keywords optimization up, long tail keywords will also match each other to produce rankings, which requires us to column page title should set reasonable.

for the website, there is really no way too much to optimize it, can only start from the chain, the fight is the chain, the chain this quickly, must adhere to release every day, and pay attention to some of the skills released the chain, mainly in the keyword anchor text, not with the anchor text the YISHION text links form, weight widely form the chain can not only enhance the ranking of words can also improve the column page.

two, according to the website weight set keywords

three, do rankings should foreign chain work

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