Many performance down the right site and corresponding countermeasures

this time you should pay attention to, because this is the standard of right down, you might be in the original operation in, feel what has not changed, why is that? Love is actually very simple, the algorithm does not stop in Shanghai to change, suddenly when a relatively large adjustment many of the web site is not suitable for this algorithm is not appropriate, will cause the website drop right, site of all keywords will not be included, and also began to gradually decline, and then by "plucking". From the news to be ranked "feathers" in the middle there is a time, this time you have to observe the love Shanghai algorithm adjusted to what, make corresponding changes to the site, after the keywords ranking will slowly recover.

3. do Links

The snapshot slow.

this is the case, there are 2, 1, is the new sites, search engines need to your site after approval, to release more of the page. 2, the old station was drop right, left home, right down, you need to look for their own web site to do what happened in the near future, such as link group >

5. only included the home page, page is not included in the

included update

usually is the first page of the weight is higher than that of the inside pages. The snapshot page in the update, the same page will be updated. But in some cases the website link is not good, resulting in a home page and search engine is not smooth, not timely grasp to the home page or long time no update is found in the home page, resulting in not updated snapshot. If the home page outbound links too much will happen, so many websites Links cannot or will lead to decreased weight.

1. content included normal, page snapshot not update

Links do now is to find the snapshot update soon, PR high, in fact there is a misunderstanding: Links is the best correlation between the industry and the PR value high, outbound links less web sites to change, if a PR5 link 80 and a PR4 link to 30 Links exchange with you, which one do you change, I think people will choose the PR4 export chain less. So give your weight will high, is conducive to the keywords ranking, but do Links must pay attention do not arbitrarily replace, enduring as the universe is the best.

4. after the website snapshot not update

website has two purposes: 1. to enhance the user experience, 2. increase the site included quantity, improve the keywords ranking. In fact, the snapshot does not update your website is normal, because your website is a new face to the search engine, search engine watch your situation is normal, because the search engine is not updated snapshot watching you, don’t you worry this time, keep the original content and link is normal the update on the line, the search engine over the observation period will give you a snapshot of the update.


website ranking 2. all disappeared, normal

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