Three key aspects of website localization service


looks relatively simple, the design color is clear, but on the contrary, there is a world of difference of Japanese version. As shown, with different colors, and the video title hodgepodge, a charming feeling, but a lot of local time.

can be seen from the above example, images are often regarded as the best distinguish boundaries between different groups, and at the same time, we should also consider the suitability of culture.

The localization of

from Reebok Japan website, we can see that this type of picture sales in Japan are more, but this method is not suitable for the Middle East countries, in other areas, or in some social sectors, this is not suitable for.

why is this happening? Asian people are more likely to meet.


in the world, different people have different tastes, so for us to optimize the personnel, we need to face the world for potential customers, we must learn to adapt.



, a Japanese McDonald’s website and a China McDonald’s website. The most obvious difference is not what big Mac and Coca Cola, only a chicken burger, which for Western audiences may seem very strange, but in Japan, this situation is very common, from Japan to the local eating habits, the only way is a healthy diet they think of as "".


let us see a Nestle company website, as is the United States version.

design aesthetics

no matter what kind of product or service is the sale of the international market, has become a development localization as an important indicator of the success of the local business, for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there are some differences between the local optimization and local optimization, and from abroad will face fierce competition, which is why the localization of specific content to adapt to the market the key will be to take advantage of the. Recently observed several different web pages from also received some inspiration for some of the local optimization of attention.

If the customer needs for


As shown in figure

products in many countries, there are differences not only in the language content, even in appearance, the visual aspects need to take into account the cultural similarities and differences of potential customers, so enterprises must take great care in the choice of optimization.

website optimization, need to keep a clear mind, attention to detail, especially on cultural sensitivity. In some countries, very small details will bring great differences, such as the national flag, the contents of the product color expression.

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