National day how to do keywords ranking

under the new and old station, the new station is a collection of problems in ranking time to solve the problem, many friends said that I do website for 15 days, but the website does not have any love for Shanghai now is included, the assessment period becomes longer, as well in part because the website optimization depends on how much of the collected. And what is the basic requirement in the rankings of the old website? Is the click rate, some sites may be included only dozens or hundreds, how many actually affect his is not included, but the user clicks.

for example, we search the Shanghai dragon, he will come out, what is Shanghai dragon is Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai dragon tutorial, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon query tools, Shanghai, what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai dragon forum, we see the service from? The answer is No. When you do is Shanghai dragon service of the word, how the word can be very good to participate in the rankings? We can often see the search Shanghai dragon, some Shanghai dragon service sites, institutions and enterprises from time to time will come on, but because of the lack of user experience, soon be brush down, this is a hard problem, we do Shanghai Longfeng no one can guarantee that you can first row.

these words even if there are 320 thousand people to optimization, you dare to take? If you were a person, it is difficult to optimize. You are very difficult to guarantee the.

such as Sanya tourism, Lijiang tourism, the first five are the product of Shanghai love (love Shanghai, love Shanghai know Post Bar etc.), then the rest of you have 5 positions, while the five ranking position will be who occupied? There is no doubt that some large and good user experience. Click on the higher portal site share, may have 3 such sites. Then you left the two position, has been difficult to get into the first, unless you put these sites, but this is actually not too realistic, because others probably do website domain name and website operation for 12 years, 7~8 years.

First, we need to talk about the difference between

and the demand of users is also very important for the ranking of the site, for example we search Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon so what needs, he must comply with the Shanghai dragon, you may not see a topic called Shanghai Longfeng service, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis of this kind of words, because he does not conform to the maximum demand of the word Shanghai dragon you see, Shanghai dragon drop you can understand, if you do the Shanghai dragon service, so for this keyword you can get to Shanghai dragon service very good rankings, but the Shanghai dragon the word it is very difficult, this is a threshold of user demand, the reason is very simple.



during the National Day basic all friends out of travel, so we how to do website ranking in the holiday period, we don’t want to wait for a holiday after all, website ranking fell to the bottom line.

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