To know the love of Shanghai artificial words

5, medical term



1, political color words

what is artificial word


this word because with a very strong political color, may be used, so not to love Shanghai general website easily placed in the home position, are generally some of their products, love Shanghai well-known industry station, Sina, Sohu etc..

3, violate the law


> sensitive topic

4, related to national political and health

artificial word is love Shanghai, some have higher commercial value of the word, a lot of general search these words people love Shanghai index is relatively high. But these words of love in Shanghai due to the violation of certain principles, no matter how high you can do Shanghai dragon, to the home page, so someone made the artificial word called 11 words, it is clear that said only can do 11. Is the love of Shanghai second page first. Because these words indeed search volume is very high, and has a very high commercial value, so many people want to put the site on the Shanghai dragon, due to very difficult to do so in the time of these words with a black hat is more, the purpose is to think through these artificial words to kill a short time to obtain profits, be taken by surprise, and for normal sites, wood Shanghai Longfeng recommendations when choosing the keywords must pay attention to the judgment of artificial words correctly, make the website optimization work smoothly. How to judge the artificial word? We continue to look down.


typical artificial


2, anti

: this kind of word such as cancer, coronary heart disease, heart disease, coronary heart disease, AIDS, hepatitis B Medical should all know, only a distance.

this is very obvious, almost all artificial

is love Shanghai artificial word, then it is surely love Shanghai unique search engine, and artificial is artificial control of some keywords ranking. In fact, love Shanghai artificial control these words are also considering the health and safety of the Internet, these words are a general relationship between artificial and national politics, people’s health, law, an important figure, there are certain sensitive topics, so love Shanghai manual intervention will control the ranking. So when do optimization keywords should pay special attention to these words. Don’t wait for a long time not to be K or optimization of station to see light suddenly.

these words and political words, may be malicious use, affect the life of health, social stability, a website to casually on the front page is not possible.

if a reactionary can love Shanghai station home page, you may think of love? Shanghai is the government, may not allow you to this site appears on the first page.

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