The SPAM search engine technology

here are some frequently used SPAM Technology:


2, repeated at the bottom of the page to small print repeat keywords, or hide it in the meta tag, repeat keywords and hidden text often used together, i.e. stack keywords, this technology is still in use in addition to a small number of profiteering industry, the industry basically has he rationalized.

5, cloak cloak method is also called camouflage, is specifically for specially optimized page search engine crawling web pages displayed on the page using some refers to the program or script to detect access to the search engine or ordinary users. By setting the cloaked page on the server to read and judge the current visitors are real visitors or search engine spiders, then according to the server configured script targeted to give real visitors and search engine spiders in response to give the corresponding return page display. If is the search engine, "returned the optimized version of the page. If the visit is the ordinary people back "

in search engine optimization often will encounter the word of "SPAM" in the search engine optimization SPAM to deceive the search engine information, search engine spam. When it comes to SPAM would have to say SPAM (search engine spam Technology), it is the use of immoral skills to the side of the search engine to improve your search engine rankings. SPAM technology is the Shanghai dragon cheating, but it is not equal to the black hat, it should be said that the black hat is include the SPAM technology, because SPAM technology have done is just spam. But cheating is always very careful, it may lead to a search engine to your site from the database permanently delete

1, hidden text: before is the text and background color of the same to achieve the purpose of hidden keywords, but now more by JS and DIV+CSS. This does not affect the user’s normal reading, but can improve the density of keywords in the search engine.




3, which is independent of key words: Shanghai dragon circles the title of the party, why is Shanghai dragon world, because it is not only to attract attention with grandiose title, more is to use some of the content of the website of Shanghai dragon has nothing to do the first popular keywords to get traffic. This is not only to deceive the search engine, it is to deceive the user, for the general business station will only bring a high bounce rate.

4, repeat page: there are many different contents of the same title page in the website, and are submitted to the search engine, it will be considered a search engine spam. So when we set up each page, the best there is a theme or other keyword content, do not copy the page (especially for the large portal page), there is on each page should have a separate title, description, and then submitted to the search engine.

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