How to update the original article high quality website editor

stand for the enterprise, updated every day is very difficult, so we can message the customer information, which is the effective method to improve the original, for example, I am responsible for the website, the international wine merchants, for each wine business investment or agent, every day there may be a lot of users take the initiative to leave a message, to add content, this not only to improve the user experience, but also for their own site to increase the original, high quality content, we Why not?! as shown below:

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because every industry websites have their own products, like recruitment, have their own enterprises and talents, the international wine investment network has a variety of beverage merchants and agents, so we can according to the different products, in their opinion, such as wine merchants are willing to wine merchants water, wine merchants Wine, investment, so we can start from here, write the characteristics of different drinks, drinks, drinks before the defect, an article that does not belong to our profession, should be very easy to write, and write the article is of high quality original articles.

, a customer opening message column

three, personal product ideas

above is my personal website in contact with the industry concluded in 2 years how to write high-quality original articles, web editors hope you can see, this article by international famous investment network ( original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

if you give us a more professional term that allows us to write the words that may be difficult to write what the original things, for example: the keyword liquor investment trend, and if I wrote hard I don’t know how to write, the results may also from the Internet seven put eight spell in an article. But if we change an angle to think, because we will have customers reflect different problems at work, and we also personally to solve, why not put this process into an article, first write down the experience, but also a high quality original articles, to help users and search engines moreover, the writing process is very easy, do not have to worry every day, some industry website editors can try to see.


high quality original article is very important for enterprises, and how to update the website for editing it will be very troublesome, to add dozens of articles may every day, and modify the content is very painful, everyday brains to think of how to do the original, original, but the limitation of our way of thinking, it’s hard to think of a what good content can be updated, so today and everyone together to discuss the enterprise how to update the website quality content of


two, customer problem guided

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