Discussion on the importance of the data analysis of Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon

data analysis using the statistical background, should be the best way to statistical background, after a statistical background gives us too much needed knowledge and situation, today wrote an article.

Shanghai dragon

data analysis used in the thinking debate; their Phil has a friend and I said, a friend is a Shanghai Longfeng company boss, employees under his own request always and staff to investigate the feasibility and requirements; this is a result of the results. Most employees are against his proposal. I wonder what is said, boss should do what, he said, "that would be considered autocratic, too bad, instantly understood, then my advice is, since it is your own proposal, to discuss the matter, so long to come up with a complete report. Write data, take the drawings, then confirmed a truth in these figures, not just say how to do how to do that, on their own, the audience is not good; a data exists in the form of, a complete conclusion, like those that we like to see the article, all love with wood! We love to see the Taobao customer income, whether true or false, there are wood; we love to see the huge contrast ranking there. These, when pick up the data, you will find convincing will at least double increase, this is the power of data.

data analysis using the log on the website, you will think of Web log? Remember the love Shanghai Lee special love for us to study love Shanghai spiders crawl, and then make a comparison of how much this day Shanghai spiders online time, this day Shanghai has climbed many pages, and then compare for a period of time the page data, after all these only website owners can do; and analysis of Web log, there is a benefit, for example, I am now using light years log analysis system, and see those 404 pages to crawl, and see what the 302 state crawl, especially some large sites, in URL this quickly should be paid special attention, and the analysis of log is the most direct way of analysis; and there’s still a little bit counter Web log Ying, that is the flow of stolen, for example, if your space is a flow restricted relationship, then analysis of Web logs, avoid unnecessary flow, prevent hotlinking phenomenon, is the need to pay attention to.

Shanghai dragon Analysis of

data, the Shanghai dragon becomes more and more serious today, to speak with the data, may be the next step we should master the knowledge, data, a sharp words, data, a complete inspection of the data, a true and reliable information, in the chain and the content of today’s flood the data has, like an invisible air quietly drifted around us, cannot do without it, then talk about today, the importance of data analysis of Shanghai dragon, because no matter what, Shanghai dragon, must speak with the data, rather than just verbal form.

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