Six standard high quality chain evaluation

The The stability of

mentioned above, will put the chain to some gambling, pornography and other illegal websites, the website itself is a search engine hit, if you go above the hair of the chain, not only no effect, it will be affected. We have to do outside the chain of high quality, we must put the chain to be on a regular website, like some large blog, regular forum, a large number of platform can do.

includes: the chain platform can normally access, the chain will not be deleted, the mass of the chain will be regarded as garbage outside the chain, it is because of the mass of the chain will be.

chain in Shanghai Longfeng optimization plays a very important role in the rankings, often say that "content is king, the chain for emperor" is certainly justified, as the search engine algorithm constantly updated, foreign chain audit is more and more strict, the chain in many forms are listed as garbage outside the chain, this kind of chain not only do no good to the website, but plays a bad role. The construction of high quality the chain is very important, especially for the Shanghai dragon friends just getting started, not what experience, need to learn relevant knowledge chain.

four, outside the chainThe stability of

three, outside the chain of the readability of

today I do according to their own Shanghai Longfeng optimization experience over the years, give you a summary of the six standard on quality chain evaluation, hoping to help people understand the chain of knowledge more deeply and optimize the knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

, a regular chain

two, the chain platformA group

believe that many webmaster to send the chain all know, outside the chain is a very tedious work, because of this, many owners want to be opportunistic, struggling to find some mass chain software or web site, to produce a large number of the chain in a short period of time. Here to remind the webmaster friends, don’t bother to find some software group, the group chain is the search engine algorithm attack, this kind of chain belongs to the chain of garbage. But this kind of chain is the chain is not stable, not what. So to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to do high quality the chain, or do it yourself. Of course, if you don’t want to, you can also find someone on behalf of, note: the team must find a hand on behalf of, but for people must take into account the cost, the webmaster want to own total.

pseudo original, I believe we are all too familiar. Here I want to focus on the talk about the pseudo original, if is hand OK, some Adsense direct use of software for pseudo original, that is absolutely not. Why? You to read with the software of false original article, see if you can read. This kind of article in violation of the "user experience" principle, we know that the website user experience is given priority to, since this is the 20:31 2014-9-12 is not good, the other is needless to say more, so we also need to send the chain articles readable.

The normality of

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