The day of the long tail keywords to the first page optimization method

we set the label "Chiffon"


when we search "is what chiffon fabric" in the home page, with the time of day. If what is said is not good welcome Paizhuan:

said, I look at the optimization of the word


then generates a list of articles, we know that the weight of the list page is too high the content of the page:

in the article inside

article source: fashion fabric 贵族宝贝jrtex贵族宝贝


index for the PR2 web site, is not low, my first step is to collect relevant content and pseudo original. Small sites included is good, less than an hour, the article is included.


if you are a new station, PR is very low, if give you one day can put 588 index long tail keywords optimization to the home page? Here is to give a talk on how to optimize the long tail keywords or the master! It is a very simple thing, I always believe that one reason is "thick and thin", if every day we do this small accumulation, sooner or later the site of the unexpected traffic

then we read about "chiffon fabric weight arrangement, there is a question is why is not the first to search the product page in the back of the search, I understand it because " " chiffon fabrics; the article page inside " what is the fabric Chiffon & quot; keywords: welcome Paizhuan



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