Shanghai Longfeng chain resources mining

mining resources recommended the chain of Google, the best VPN can not because of geographical problems lead to the chain of make you less;

above is how to find the Shanghai dragon chain resources sharing. This may be useful to you: high weight chain forum. High weight blog can be used outside the chain if you have a good way to communicate a message.

intitle: Shanghai dragon means the chain resources including Shanghai dragon in the title of

1) can use search engines to provide search senior command to find the chain resources


we observed a number of forums can be summed up this: there will be "Powered by Discuz DZ forum program title!" so we in the Google search: intitle:Powered by Discuz! So that you can find a lot of use discuz program do website, and send the chain and the more we related the better so we can also add a keyword; that a command to the us to find so many outside chain resources, such as those for inurl can we find a fish escaped through the Seine below us, to speed the movie website for example, I want to find something about the movie Resources Forum resources, mining can use the following method.

mining Shanghai Longfeng chain resources as follows:

;According to the characteristics of

sites will be heading on the copyright information removed, so the above command also makes no difference to him but, one thing is certain about the structure of the URL program they will not change; then we can find the unique URL discuz or the phpwind forum to find.

site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, how to exploit the chain resources is a very important issue, but also our Shanghai dragon ER is very concerned about the issue, Dongguan Shanghai dragon communication platform through analysis of past experience, together with you how to exploit some high quality of the chain platform, we hope to help.

1, we first open the love Shanghai search in the search box enter the inurl:bbs intitle: movie resources (this command means: I want to find the film containing BBS domain containing the resource class, the title of the forum website)

3) keep the chain resources to send the chain can use tools;

2) also need to raise the chain resources, these chain resources account to raise, the higher the level of you posting limit will be less;

2, according to the above we show with movie resources BBS forum URL filtering, find some high weight, high included, high popularity of the platform to send the chain.


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