The big reason analysis of site is down the right love Shanghai

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mentioned in the description of users can not be 3 sites are cheating or excessive optimization, since this is the users must have optimization excessive suspicion, users do Links website ranking is also not, which may have a website or is in love with the sea over optimization convicted of cheating, then Links joint reaction so that the reason the site is down right, if Links are not the most important one of the reasons for it, then the author give users analysis of what other factors cause site is down right now!

The most painful thing is

webmaster own website has been in the front of peers suddenly returned to the rank before liberation, everything again, as you walk with the game, take traffic for a start! Peer chasing you, later because the car broke down or a bad or other factors that you failed in the match even rival car taillights you will not see it, this is not no chance, that is to fix it, and then on the road, I took the game to describe, to site is down right is not no chance the problem, as long as you find the right from where, then you can slowly back an antidote against the disease, perhaps better, so some webmaster because their website was suddenly gone right down to the stand of this confidence. Kind of wrong, the mentality is very important, the site is down right can be said to be a very normal thing, often walk by the river which can not wet feet, maintain a good attitude is good, then we look at the users what problems encountered, then the author analysis suggests several solutions to help.


: the first More haste, less speed. over optimization problems of


User question:

do not know why suddenly found the site suddenly disappeared today, a web page ranking are not, this website format for a year what problems are not continuous, ranked in the top 3, lasted more than three months, before a few sites are doing cross links, and always well, but one of the top five industries lost three sites, 3 sites are not likely to cheat or excessive optimization?? what is a good solution for

website optimization to avoid More haste, less speed., many owners in order to make your own website to optimize Shanghai to love the home page, so every day in the station to spend a lot of time, but also some in this line, there are a lot of companies are hiring what the chain Commissioner, specially the hair of the chain, a day the task of how much, if not complete, the boss will buckle their wages, so the chain Commissioner continue to send outside the chain, to the efficiency of most of the chain are basically copy and paste, basically are appeared in the content, the chain is a chain of garbage, plus every day added so much junk links, this is extremely unfriendly to the search engine, so the site is down right there should be a factor in the.

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