Some experience on the website in the recovery after revision

in our webmaster daily operation process in the website, I believe the vast majority of individual owners have encountered this kind of situation, that is the website for a long time, but for some reason to revision of the website, but the website in the website, Shanghai will love according to the weight of the site, so the punishment is not all the same, so we webmaster in website after how to do in order to minimize the impact of the



of course, if the owners do not want to do a hard chain, I have a


website in the website, in order to be able to minimize the impact of our webmaster, the first thing to do is to update the normal website, and also updated website, because love Shanghai love a regular website, as long as you stick to the timing and the normal update site, the love of Shanghai on your site will naturally enhance favorability, as long as love Shanghai on your website to enhance the degree of goodwill, corresponding weight will increase, and increase the weight of the website, we also don’t have to worry about the website brings those what influence.

Furthermore, !The

PS: in fact, even if the owners not to please the search engine spiders, we all very necessary normal or updated website, after all, do not just for the website to the search engines to see, but to the user for visitors to see, if you can every day, and regularly updated website, so the user can in time at each visit for the first time to browse the latest content, and the number of users visit more, it will become your site of loyal users, when your loyal users more, even if there is no love you afraid of Shanghai net station do not

) add some high quality of the chain, or exchange quality chain with the same

often see soft Wen webmaster must have heard such a classic saying, "it is not original to the pseudo original", therefore, if stationmaster itself ability permits, every day may wish to write some original content of hair, if it is not written that Never mind, as long as the webmaster in the publication, for those who are not original content will be slightly modified, as far as possible to achieve the pseudo original effect on the line.

!As long as

webmaster in optimize the internal work site, next is the external optimization site, the webmaster how to do the external optimization? It is actually very simple, is the so-called "the chain for emperor", since the site to do external optimization tools, then certainly is not the chain with Links. Therefore, owners usually have time to try the weight of relatively high site or forum to release some outside the chain, or to see if there is no suitable websites exchange Links with us,

second job site internal optimization), usually can release some more original content

first) site in the revision to the normal update site, and the best is to update

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