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LIVE IPL 2017, Rising Pune Supergiant vs Delhi Daredevils: As it happened

first_imgHello and welcome to our live coverage of the Indian Premier League match between Rising Pune Supergiant vs Delhi Daredevils in Pune. (SCORECARD)Pune captain, Ajinkya Rahane says that 180-190 would have been a good total but Sanju Samson batted really well. Thinks that Morris’ cameo was very good and that cost them the momentum. Opines that Zaheer Khan and Amit Mishra bowled very well. Mentions that they couldn’t build partnerships and that is what they needed. Conveys that in T20 cricket 1 over with the bat or ball can change things. Ends by saying that one has to learn from the mistakes and move on.A crushing win for Delhi. Firstly, Sanju Samson’s blistering ton and a whirlwind cameo from Chris Morris propelled the visitors to a marauding total of 205. In reply, the Pune chase never took off as wickets kept falling in regular intervals. Eventually, they fell way short and endured a pounding defeat. Zaheer Khan and Amit Mishra took a 3-fer apiece to do bulk of the damage as the hosts were blown away. Concerns for Pune, especially their bowling but also the batsmen who looked out of sorts without regular skipper Steve Smith. As for Delhi, they have opened their account in style.23.16 IST: DELHI HAVE WON THE MATCH BY 97 RUNS. Cummins bowls this on a length and keeps it slow and outside off, Dinda is deceived by the slowness of the ball and pushes it unintentionally towards covers. Amit Mishra dives to his left and takes a stunner by his standards.advertisement23.09 IST: WICKET! Mishra has bounced back after his poor performance with the bat in the previous game. Mishra bowls the leg break slower through the air, Zampa kneels and slog sweeps it. It was a slog that needed more prayers as it never looked like clearing the mid-wicket fence. Samson positions himself well there and takes the catch.Match 9. 15.3: WICKET! A Zampa (5) is out, c Sanju Samson b Amit Mishra, 107/9 https://t.co/OALjLdznuI #RPSvDD- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 11, 2017106/8 after 15 overs. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017Match 9. 14.3: Z Khan to A Dinda, 4 runs, 104/9 https://t.co/OALjLdznuI #RPSvDD- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 11, 201723.00 IST: WICKET! He strikes straightaway! It is his third wicket. Bowls this on short and in the line of the stumps, Chahar has a wild swing at it but only manages a top edge. Pant hops a touch and catches it. As easy as it gets for the umpire. This probably will be a huge win for Delhi.FOUR for Zampa! That was smacked through extra cover. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201722.55 IST: WICKET! Delhi are cruising! Mishra tosses this one around off, Bhatia gets low and looks to clear long on with a sweep. However, he fails to connect it well. And Chris Morris at long on takes it comfortably. He is on a hat-trick because he dismissed Dhoni on the last ball of his last over.Over the rope! That’s a MAXIMUM for Deepak! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017Over the rope! That’s a MAXIMUM for Deepak! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201722.51 IST: WICKET! Is that the game for Pune? Probably, yes. MS Dhoni departs and guess what the helicopter shot has led to his demise. Mishra bowls this full and around leg, Dhoni had to go for the big shot, and whips it hard. However, he finds Karun Nair in the deep who takes a well judged catch. Dhoni cannot believe his luck. There is dead silence in the crowd. Rising Pune Supergiant 79/6 (12 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)76/5 after 11 overs. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017??? took off! SIX off the bat of #MSDhoni #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201722.32 IST: WICKET! Another one bites the dust. Stokes departs. Good take by Pant and Pune have now lost half their side. Disastrous times for the hosts. Short of a length outside off, Stokes goes hard on the pull stroke and gets a faint bottom edge that is well caught by Pant behind the sticks. Rising Pune Supergiant 54/5 (7.5 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)22.26 IST: WICKET! NADEEM STRIKES! It has to be the appeal that got Delhi this wicket. Flatter outside off, du Plessis goes for the premediated paddle but then sees that the line is wider for the stroke, tries to adjust somehow as the ball whizzes through to Pant who takes it well. Instant appeal for a catch and it’s very intense as well. The umpire raises his finger and du Plessis has to go. Was there a feather on it? Replays show that there was. Good decision! Rising Pune Supergiant 52/4 (6.4 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)advertisement22.22 IST: WICKET! MORRIS STRIKES! Shortish around middle, Tripathi is hurried on to the pull and he gets a top edge that goes towards backward square leg. Nadeem from fine leg covers a lot of ground to take the skier with ease. The chase continues to get tougher for the hosts. Rising Pune Supergiant 49/3 (5.5 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)22.15 IST: WICKET! ZAHEER HAS ANOTHER! It’s a slower ball again that does the trick for the Delhi skipper. Agarwal is early into the lofted stroke and skews it high to cover where Morris takes an easy catch after backtracking a bit. Pune in early trouble in this big chase. Rising Pune Supergiant 34/2 (4.5 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)22.08 IST: WICKET! CLEVER FROM ZAHEER! Slower ball outside off, Rahane misreads it and goes for the lofted stroke down the ground. Miscues it high towards Samson who runs backwards from mid off to take an easy catch. The stand-in Pune skipper fails to get going. Rising Pune Supergiant 24/1 (3 overs) vs Delhi Daredevils (205/4)21.55 IST: Welcome back for the chase. Ajinkya Rahane and Mayank Agarwal to open the batting for Pune. It shall be Shahbaz Nadeem to take the new ball for Delhi.Congratulations to #MahirTahir on the Purple Cap.Happy Belated Birthday to his son! He asked for a great gift.??? #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201721.39 IST: Delhi have registered the highest score at Pune. Goes about to say how dominating their batting has been today. The visitors couldn’t have asked for a better end from Chris Morris who hit 38 runs from 9 balls at a strike of 422.22. That’s outrageous! To start off with it was Sanju Samson, the Kerala batsman, who held the innings together and slammed his maiden century of the Indian T20 League. He has had his share of controversies in 2016 with the KCA but he has bounced back very well today. The way Rahul Dravid, his coach both at India A and this side, applauded his effort wonderfully which indicates how much he is proud of the Kerala batsman.21.39 IST: SIX! M-A-S-S-I-V-E! What a finish to the innings! Back of a length around off, makes no difference for Morris who stands tall and nonchalantly bashes this way over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. Raining maximums in the slog overs and DELHI END ON 205/4.21.38 IST: SIX! BIGGIE! How effortless is this shot! Fuller around middle, Morris gets underneath it and whips it over deep square leg for a maximum. Clean hitting this and the Delhi innings is on nitro boost here.21.38 IST: FOUR! FAB SHOT! Excellent stroke from Morris. Once again it’s just finesse from the big man. Stokes follows him with a very full ball, Morris makes room and eases it through point for a boundary. What a cameo this is turning out to be!21.37 IST: FOUR! Deft touch from Morris! Shows that he is not about power alone. Back of a length outside off, he just picks it well and lobs it well wide of the short fine leg fielder for a boundary.advertisement21.30: WICKET! But he’s done his job for sure. Samson rocks back to pull this quicker ball across the line but it keeps a touch low to sneak beneath his bat. The stumps are disturbed. End of what has been a marvelous innings from the young lad. Gets a standing ovation as he leaves the field.Well Played, Son #Samson #IPL @DelhiDaredevils #RPSvDD pic.twitter.com/hLetEqiCVb- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 11, 201721.29 IST: CENTURY! TAKE BOW SANJU SAMSON! Floated around off, Samson gets under it and launches the ball way over long off for a biggie. That’s a massive hit to bring up his three-figure mark. What a knock it has been! High quality stuff. His maiden IPL hundred.21.26 IST: FOUR! CHEEKY! Samson is toying with the bowling. Gets into a premediated position and paddles the full toss well wide of the short fine leg fielder for a boundary. Another boundary to Samson.21.26 IST: SIX! THAT’S DISAPPEARED! Another short ball and this time Samson is ready on the back foot. Nails the pull over deep square leg for a maximum. The bounce was getting big on him but Sanju was equal to the task.21.24 IST: SIX! Sanju Samson welcomes Ashoke Dinda with a mighty six over long off. Overpitched by Dinda and these will vanish in the slog overs. Samson blasts it high over long off for a maximum. What an effort this has been from the Kerala boy! He’s leading the charge in grand fashion. Delhi Daredevils 147/3 (17.1 overs) vs Rising Pune Supergiant21.20 IST: SIX! That’s massive. Samson is playing a quality knock. Delhi Daredevils 138/3 (16.3 overs) vs Rising Pune Supergiant21.16 IST: FOUR! Top shot that. Shortish around middle, Samson shuffles across a bit and pulls it towards the deep backward square leg fence for a boundary. It was an aerial shot but the placement was very good.21.14 IST: WICKET! Rishabh Pant departs for 31. BRILLIANT FROM AGARWAL! Massive wicket for Pune too. It’s a fine yorker outside off, Pant slices it to point and sets off for a quick single. Mayank is quick to attack the ball and fires in a direct hit at the bowler’s end. They aren’t even going to refer it upstairs as Pant was well short. Timely strike for the hosts. Delhi Daredevils 124/3 (15.2 overs) vs Rising Pune Supergiant21.11 IST: SIX! That’s straight and handsome from Sanju Samson. Samson breaks the shackles with a biggie. Floated leg break around off, very full and he launches it straight down the ground. Agarwal at long off thought he had a chance but the ball sailed well over him for a maximum. Brings up the 50-run stand between these two. Good consolidation work! Delhi Daredevils 122/2 (14.5 overs) vs Rising Pune Supergiant21:08 IST: 14 overs gone. DD 112/2. Samson 50*, Pant 31* 21:07 IST: That’s the fifty for Samson.21:05 IST: Ben Stokes back into the attack.21:03 IST: Samson finally playing a good knock and taking the responsibility.BCCI Photo21:01 IST: Four runs from the 13th over and it’s time for the strategic time-out. DD 108/2. Samson 48*, Pant 29* 20:58 IST: 12 overs gone. DD 104/2. Samson 47*, Pant 24*20:55 IST: SIX! BOOM! Pant has decided to shift to top gear. Fuller ball around off, he goes straight again and this time lifts it down the ground over the sightscreen for a maximum. Good thing he is doing here is that he is looking to go straight for the big hits which is always a safe option..@RishabPant777 continuing his great form from the previous match with another big one.#PantPower #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:54 IST: Another good over. DD 88/2 from 11 overs. Samson 45*, Pant 12*20:54 IST: FOUR! CRUNCHED! First boundary for Pant. Tossed up around middle, overpitched by Zampa and Rishabh won’t miss out. Blasts it past the bowler and hit it so straight that long on had no chance of cutting it off.20:51 IST: Half-way through the innings. DD 81/2 from 10 overs. Samson 44*, Pant 6*#DilliBoys looking to build another solid partnership out there in the middle. #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:50 IST: Leading run-scorers in #IPL2017 out injured and sick.20:48 IST: Rajat Bhatia into the attack.20:45 IST: Successful over from Tahir. DD 76/2 from nine overs. Samson 42*, Pant 3*20:44 IST: Imran Tahir now has six wickets and the ‘Purpe Cap’ to his name.#MahirTahir now holds the Purple Cap with 6 wickets in 3 matches! Back him up #Supergiants!  #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201720:43 IST: Rishabh Pant walks into the crease.20:42 IST: OUT! Tahir starts running and you know why he does that! Tahir bowls a leg spin which doesn’t spin and that does the trick for Pune. Billings comes down the track aiming to cut but misses the ball altogether, the ball goes onto crash the off stump.. Billings departs for 24. DD 71/2. Samson 40*20:41 IST: Decent over from Zampa. Eight overs gone. DD 71/1. Samson 40*, Billings 24*20:40 IST: Spinners from both ends. Adam Zampa introduced into the attack.20:38 IST: Seven overs gone. DD 66/1. Samson 36*, Billings 23*20:35 IST: Imran Tahir into the attack.The 7th over begins with #MahirTahir & his epic googly! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD-  RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201720:32 IST: End of the power-play and it’s time for the strategic time-out. DD 61/1 after six overs. Samson 35*, Billings 21* That’s the end of the power play. Our #Dilliboys look solid! #DD 62/1. #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:31 IST: FOUR! Length ball and around leg, Billings gets on his toes and tucks it fine for a boundary. Three boundaries in a row. Deepak Chahar must be feeling the pressure now.20:30 IST: FOUR! Funny fielding and a lucky shot. On a length and around off, Billings charges down the track looking to heave it away but the ball finds the inside edge and goes past the short fine leg fielder. Dinda gives it a chase and slides bizarrely but fails to stop the boundary.20:29 IST: FOUR! Billings has joined the party. Shortish delivery and around off, Billings pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. 50 is up for DD .20:27 IST: Eight off the over. DD coming back strong here. DD 47/1 after five overs. Samson 34*, Billings 8*20:24 IST: FOUR! Samson welcomes the tournament’s costliest player with a boundary. Stokes bowls this full and outside off, Samson opens the face of the bat and places it through point for a boundary.#DilliBoy #SanjuSamson is clearly dealing in boundaries now. #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:24 IST: Ben Stokes into the attack.20:21 IST: DD 39/1 after four overs. Samson 27*, Billings 7*  #DilliBoys building a partnership now! They look great out there. #DDTweets #RPSvDD #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 201720:19 IST: FOUR! On a length and outside off, Samson lofts it over covers for a boundary. The Kerala batsman is looking in very good nick. He is putting away all the bad deliveries.20:17 IST: 16 runs from the over. Good one for Delhi. DD 29/1 from three overs. Samson 19*, Billings 6* 20:16 IST: FOUR! Boundaries leaking. On a length and outside off, Sam Billings looks to cut but it takes the outside edge and goes over the first slip for a boundary.20:14 IST: FOUR! Samson is off to a flier. Full length delivery, and outside off, Samson drives it through covers for a boundary.20:13 IST: FOUR! Samson is on fire! Dinda bowls a back of a length delivery and on middle, Samson swivels a bit and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary.20:12 IST: 11 runs and a wicket from the over. DD 13/1 from two overs. Samson 9*, Billings 1*20:11 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries. Bowls this full and outside off, Samson gets his stride forward and slices it through covers for another boundary. The third man had no chance this time around.20:10 IST: FOUR! Beautifully timed. Chahar hurls a length ball and swings it away, Samson waits in his crease and just guides it past point for a boundary. Third man ran across stop it but to no avail.20:08 IST: Sanju Samson walks in.20:06 IST: OUT! He strikes straightaway! Tare goes for a duck. Pune draw first blood. Chahar serves a length ball, outside off, Tare looks to drive it but it takes the outside edge and Dhoni does the rest. Chahar appeals and the umpire raises the dreaded finger. RPS 2/1 from 1.120:05 IST: Good start from Dinda. Only two runs from it. RPS 2/0 from one over. 19:59 IST: Sam Billings and Aditya Tare open the innings for DD while Ashoke Dinda has the ball for RPS19:50 IST: FORM GUIDE: RPS – L W W W L, DD – L L W L L 19:48 IST: In 2016, Du Plessis only played six games ans scored 206 runs at the average of 34.33, which is the highest in his IPL career. 19:46 IST: First game for Du Plessis this year.Faf Du Plessis & Rahul Tripathi will be playing their first #IPL games for us today! Let’s cheer the boys on.  #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201719:41 IST: The teams.#IPL Match 9 – Here are the Playing XIs of @RPSupergiants & @DelhiDaredevils #RPSvDD pic.twitter.com/L7ldmI9iLk- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 11, 201719:39 IST: Unfortunate for the Bengal batsman.Tiwary unfortunately lost his father this morning & won’t be playing today. Sending our wishes to him & his family #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201719:36 IST: After Matt Renshaw, it’s Steve Smith.#Smithy will not be part of our Playing XI today due to a bad stomach. We hope he gets well soon! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201719:35 IST: Zaheer Khan says they would’ve fielded first as well. Thinks that the pitch won’t change much in the second innings. Mentions that Delhi are not good starters and they would like to change that here by winning. Says that they have just one change Corey Anderson comes in for Carlos Brathwaite.19:34 IST: Rahane leads Pune for the first time. He says that they will bowl first. Says that it looks a good wicket and opines that dew came in the last game against Mumbai which has forced the decision. Says that Smith is unwell and that’s why he is taking the leadership role today. There are three changes – ZAMPA, FAF and TRIPATHI come in for Tiwary, Smith and Christian.19:31 IST: RPS have won the toss and elected to field first.It’s TOSS time! Our captain for today, #Rahane elects to bowl first. All the best to @DelhiDaredevils ???#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD pic.twitter.com/DNWouwwu5G- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 201719:30 IST: Ajinkya Rahane comes out for the toss as Steve Smith misses out due to upset stomach.Some facts for you.#CricFacts We have won the toss twice against DD, chose to field both times & won both the games. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017The view from the box.Pune…let’s get ready to rock, @RPSupergiants v @DelhiDaredevils #twoexcitingteams @IPL pic.twitter.com/tJ3D82U0Ji- Daren Ganga (@DarenGanga) April 11, 2017MCA is ready.1 Hour to go and the MCA is LIT! LITERALLY!#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD #RPSG #IPL pic.twitter.com/kod4Aebmiz- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017Daredevils captain JP Duminy, who is out of the tournament, is keeping close tabs on his team.All the best to @DelhiDaredevils gonna be a cracker of a game tonight v @RPSupergiants that winning streak is around the corner #DilDilliHai- JP Duminy (@jpduminy21) April 11, 2017Match day 3 and our boys are off to the MCA stadium to take on the @DelhiDaredevils! Game on! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvDD pic.twitter.com/IROjIR1Lhq- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 11, 2017On paper Rising Pune Supergiant’s batting look far superior to Delhi Daredevils, who have been badly hurt following the injuries to key players like Quinton de Kock, JP Duminy and Angelo Mathews. However, Delhi’s batting line-up has some fantastic group of youngsters who can turn the match around single-handedly. (Dhoni’s chance to show what he is worth)Pune offloaded 11 players from last season, replaced MS Dhoni with Steve Smith as captain, removed an “S” from their name and bought Ben Stokes for a whopping Rs 14.5 crore at the auction in February.Take a look at the #DilliBoys sweating it out during the practice session at Pune. Let’s do this! #DilDilliHai #RPSvDD pic.twitter.com/gDQZIezFmT- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 11, 2017They began their IPL 2017 campaign with a bang as their skipper Smith led from the front and powered Pune to a seven-wicket win against two-time champions Mumbai Indians.However, Pune’s joy was shortlived as they were crushed by ‘Big Show’ Glenn Maxwell, who toyed with the bowlers in Kings XI Punjab’s six-wicket win. (Read full preview here)Delhi, on the other hand, opened their account with a defeat against another injury-hit side Royal Challengers Bangalore. Rishabh Pant overcame a personal grief to play a memorable knock but lacked partners at the other end to take their team to victory.The top order comprising the domestic trio of Aditya Tare, Karun Nair and Sanju Samson fumbled while opener Sam Billings failed to provide the fiery start expected from him.All-rounders Carlos Brathwaite and Chris Morris, too flunked with the willow, when the team needed them the most.However, Delhi have the bowling attack to pick 10 wickets. Zaheer Khan, Morris, Pat Cummins and Shahbaz Nadeem will be key. They also have Kasigo Rabada and Mohammed Shami in their side.For RPS, Rahane, Smith and Stokes have been amongst the runs in the first two matches but they will be worried about the form of opener Mayank Agarwal and Dhoni in particular.With R Ashwin missing, all eyes will be on Imran Tahir, who has been at the top of his form, to shoulder the bowling attack. RPS pacers Ashoke Dinda, Daniel Christian and Stokes have failed to provide the crucial breakthroughs and have been hit all over the park.last_img read more

No Sachin Tendulkar Rajya Sabha speech debut as Congress MPs create ruckus over PM Modi’s Pakistan remark

first_imgBharat Ratna Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, one of India’s greatest cricketers, was supposed to speak in Parliament today. This was to be Sachin’s maiden innings in Rajya Sabha, as far delivering a speech was concerned.But, for the first few minutes, Sachin just stood there smiling as the Congress raised a massive ruckus over PM Narendra Modi’s comments about Pakistan and ex-PM Manmohan Singh.As Sachin kept waiting, Congress MPs shouted what sounded like ‘pradhan mantri sabha mein aao (PM come in Rajya Sabha)’, not allowing the master blaster to deliver his speech, which was to be the topic of the ‘right to play and the future of sports in India’.A frustrated chairman of the house Venkaiah Naidu tried several times to quieten the opposition MPs, telling them their protests were not going on the record and asking them to show respect to the Bharat Ratna awardee, who is the only cricketer (current or former) to score 100 international centuries.Naidu, finally, had to stop live telecast of Rajya Sabha before adjourning the Upper House for the day, and in the process calling off Sachin’s debut speech.Following the adjournment, yesteryear actor and Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachchan blasted the MPs saying it was a “matter of shame” that Sachin was not allowed to speak.He (#SachinTendulkar) has earned name for India at the world stage, it is a matter of shame that he was not allowed to speak even when everyone knew it was on today’s agenda. Are only politicians allowed to speak?: Jaya Bachchan, Rajya Sabha MP pic.twitter.com/NMRMHhdl5Eadvertisement- ANI (@ANI) December 21, 2017The master blaster rose today in Rajya Sabha after her himself sought time for a discussion. Sachin, who was nominated to Rajya Sabha in 2012, has often come under criticism for poor attendance.He, however, has asked questions relating to sports infrastructure and employment for sportsmen and has used 98 per cent of the funds allotted him as an MP for social welfare.THE PAKISTAN LOGJAM The continuing Congress vs government logjam over Pakistan, which incidentally was the country where Sachin made his test debut, is threatening to wash out Parliament’s winter session, which was already curtailed due to the recent Gujarat assembly election.Congress has been unhappy over PM Narendra Modi insinuating during a Gujarat election rally that former PM Manmohan Singh essentially conspired with Pakistan to help the party win the Gujarat polls.During his campaign speech, PM Modi said there were reports of a “secret meeting” held at now-suspended Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house. The meeting, PM Modi said, was reported to have been attended by ex-PM Singh, other Indian leaders, and former and current Pakistani officials.Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu was visibly frustrated as he tried to get the MPs to quiet down (Photo: PTI/TV grab)PM Modi’s speech came soon after Aiyar called him a “neech kisam ka aadmi (low-life person)”, remarks for which he was suspended from Congress’s primary membership.PM Modi’s insinuation saw sharp blowback from the Congress and was met with an uncharacteristically strong statement from Singh. “I am deeply pained and anguished by the falsehood and canards being spread [by PM Modi] to score political points in a lost cause,” Singh had said.And, ever since Parliament met again for its winter session, the Congress has been disrupting both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, demanding the PM Modi deliver an apology to the nation for his allegations against Singh.(With inputs from Rasesh Mandani)WATCH | MP Sachin Tendulkar not allowed to make debut speech, Congress to blamelast_img read more

Mum’s the word for Wimbledon stars striving to have it all

first_img\R London, Jul 4 (AFP) From Serena Williams’ tearful decision to stop breast-feeding to Victoria Azarenka’s guilt over the time she spends away from her baby, life isn’t all fun and games for Wimbledon’s mothers.Few female players have succeeded at Grand Slam level after becoming mums.Belgium’s Kim Clijsters returned to win the 2009 US Open, while Margaret Court and Evonne Goolagong Cawley won majors after giving birth in an era when the physical demands on players were less intense.But Williams, 36, and her fellow mothers are doing their best to cope with the stresses of parenthood as they bid to reverse that trend at Wimbledon this week.Williams is back at Wimbledon for the first time since giving birth to Alexis Olympia in September.The seven-time champion’s life is still a blur of nappies and interrupted sleep, but that didn’t stop her grinding out a 7-5, 6-3 win over Holland’s Arantxa Rus in the first round.Serena’s victory was one of four by mothers in the singles on Monday, with formerWimbledon runner-up Vera Zvonareva hoping to join the club when she plays on Tuesday.Germany’s Tatjana Maria enjoyed the most surprising success with a 7-6, 4-6, 6-1 victory over fifth seed Elina Svitolina to the delight of her four-year-old Charlotte.There were also wins for former world number one Azarenka, the Belarusian beating Ekaterina Alexandrova 7-6, 6-3, while Russian Evgeniya Rodina defeated Antonia Lottner 3-6, 7-5, 6-4.Azarenka’s one-year-old son Leo travels with her on the tour amid a stressful custody battle that forced her to step away from the sport last year.advertisementThe former world number one admits every moment she spends away from Leo is difficult, while juggling her tennis schedule with the constant demands of parenthood is a never-ending battle.”It’s difficult for me because I schedule everything around him. I do try to maximise my time with him,” two-time major winner Azarenka said.”So whenever he’s sleeping, that’s when I’m working, and other times I’m a full-time mom. It’s more challenging, but I wouldn’t change it.”The tougher balance is to be able to spend time away from my son and be okay with taking sometimes time for myself, which is a struggle, because I really want to spend every second with him.”I feel guilty if I take 15 minutes for myself to stretch. I’m trying to run back to him and spend every second with him.” Williams’ glittering career has brought her 23 major titles.But those achievements count for nothing when Alexis Olympia needs feeding, an issue that led Serena to make an emotional decision in favour of her career recently.Williams had complications after childbirth and her condition was a concern at the start of her comeback this year.After a tearful conversation with her coach Patrick Mouratoglou, she agreed to stop breast-feeding because it was making it difficult to lose weight.”For my body it didn’t work. No matter how much I worked out, no matter how much I did, it didn’t work for me. Then it was just emotionally letting go,” Williams said.”That was a different thing. I literally sat Olympia in my arms, I talked to her, we prayed about it. I told her, Look, I’m going to stop. Mommy has to do this.”I cried a little bit. She was totally fine. It was the strangest thing.”I just learned from that experience, every physical body is different.” Despite all the stresses of learning to balance a child with a successful career, for Wimbledon’s mums the process is an empowering feeling.”The thing about being pregnant and coming back is such a powerful thing now, and I think it’s an advantage, in a way,” Azarenka said.”You’re able to kind of do a tick, okay, I am a mom now, so I can continue to do more of what I love to do.” (AFP) APAAPAlast_img read more

165-year-old newspaper vows to publish despite office fire

first_img\R Woodstock (US), Jul 19 (AP) A newspaper that has published every week since its founding in 1853 but recently lost its office in a fire has vowed it will publish this week’s issue, too.Vermont Standard president and owner Phil Camp Sr. said Wednesday that production was running one day behind normal schedule but he and his staff felt a duty to Woodstock, the community where they live and work.”On my watch, we’re always going to have a local newspaper,” Camp said.Early Monday morning, a fire tore through a building that housed the Standard’s office, a restaurant and an apartment. Woodstock fire Chief David Green said the fire started in the restaurant and was being investigated as suspicious.This isn’t the first time the Standard, which usually publishes on Thursday, has been displaced. Its office was destroyed by flooding from tropical storm Irene in 2011, and it survived two fires and a flood earlier in its history.Assistant editor Virginia Dean said since 1853 the newspaper has always published.”We’ve been through 165 years,” Dean said. “We’ve been through tropical storm Irene and other fires, and we’ve never not published. We have that history as a foundation, as a motivator.” The newspaper’s staff is working out of Norman Williams Public Library in Woodstock, a town of roughly 3,000 residents.Firefighters salvaged the newspaper’s computers, and the library’s executive director, Amanda Merk, said its trustees are more than happy to provide the space.Camp said Woodstock once had seven weekly newspapers but only the Standard remains.advertisementCamp first began working for the Standard in 1952 while still in high school. His grandfather owned a funeral home in the same building as the Standard, and after telling its editor the high school sports coverage was lacking he became the first sports editor.After a career in the ski industry he bought the newspaper in 1980.Camp said that the community has always been his biggest motivation in running the Standard, a sentiment echoed by his staff.”The thing that community newspapers have going for them is that first word: community. This is truly the community’s newspaper,” editor Gareth Henderson said. “The community’s a huge part of what we do, and they’re a big part of why we’re here.” In turn, the Woodstock community has supported the newspaper.After tropical storm Irene, Camp said, he received a check for $3,000 from a local businessman who said Camp could eventually repay him with advertising space.Since the fire, Camp has received emails from 75 people asking how they could help. Other newspapers in New England have asked whether they could lend him their staff or office space. And community members have dropped off food for the staff.Jeffrey Kahn, who owns a gift shop in Woodstock and chairs the Board of Village Trustees, is an ardent supporter of the newspaper.”Sometimes I put some ads in not expecting it to increase business so much as to support the Vermont Standard,” Kahn said.Camp expressed his disappointment that most of the physical record of the newspaper’s history was lost in the fire, but he and his staff were motivated to carry on the tradition by publishing on Friday. (AP) CPS CPSlast_img read more

Class Up Your Super Bowl Party with the Game Day Grillin’ Pack

first_img How to Cure Salmon in One Savory Recipe 7 Best Gym Bags to Haul All Your Workout Gear 7 Expert Karaoke Tips to Make You a Superstar With Super Bowl Sunday mere yards away, millions of football fans are busy getting their jerseys pressed, practicing trash talk in the mirror, and preparing epic Super Bowl food spreads. While there’s something to be said about grilling burgers and hot dogs, this year you might switch things up by serving traditionally cured sausages. No matter how the game turns out, everyone wins with the Game Day Grillin’ Pack from Olympic Provisions. For insider information about the product and the company, we managed to tackle Eli Cairo, lauded salumist and co-owner of Olympic Provisions.About Eli Cairo and Olympic ProvisionsOlympic Provisions is a wildly successful USDA-certified charcuterie in Portland, OR. Founded in 2009, Olympic Provisions has already won nine Good Food Awards for charcuterie in four consecutive years–including two awards in 2014. In addition to a meat shop, Eli Cairo and his partners own two restaurants in Portland.Mr. Cairo grew up on a working farm in the Salt Lake City area, where he and his big Greek family raised a menagerie of animals and grew a large garden that supplied fresh food for their two restaurants. This is where Eli first discovered a passion for food in general and Old World meat processing in particular.When Eli was still a lad, he began a five-year charcuterie and culinary apprenticeship in Switzerland. “The man in charge of my apprenticeship was the Jäegermeister for the valley,” says Cairo. “When someone shot an animal in his valley, they’d bring it to us and have us fully process it. We did ibex, elk, deer, marmots, rabbits–everything.”Cairo ran a small restaurant in Greece, briefly returned to Switzerland, and ultimately found himself in Portland. He sizzled his way up from line cook to executive chef at Castagna–a renowned Portland restaurant–before starting Olympic Provisions with his four business partners. Eli’s team works extremely well together; “We eat breakfast and lunch together, we hang out on weekends, we go fishing with each other,” says Cairo. “We’ve built such a great family, and everyone strives for absolute perfection.”It’s worth noting that Olympic Provisions is a family business in the literal sense, as Eli’s sister Michelle is also an owner. She’s had extraordinary success in her own right–in 2010, The Portland Business Journal named her Portland’s Best CFO for medium-sized companies. In short, Olympic Provisions is extraordinary and the Cairo family is unstoppable.About the Game Day Grillin’ Pack“About two years ago, our employees were going to various Super Bowl parties and putting in huge meat orders,” says Cairo. “This got us thinking about how many people would like to eat delicious meats for the Super Bowl.”What makes the $50 Game Day Grillin’ Pack different than store-bought sausage and hot dogs? Cairo says it best: “Of course you can go out and buy any bratwurst, hot dog, or kielbasa, but I make real smoke, which is a rare thing–I smoke over true applewood and hickory. I use fresh garlic, I use lamb casing that makes the sausages snappy, and I use high-quality pork.”1-lb. FrankfurterWhen most people think of hot dogs, they imagine something like a frankfurter, which is a traditional German sausage encased in a thin lamb casing. Olympic Provisions’ frankfurter is smoked with oak or applewood and hickory, and has oregano and paprika inside. When you bite into it, you experience the classic “snap” of the natural casing. “They’re basically foot-long hot dogs, like you would order as a kid at a ball game,” says Cairo.1-lb. KielbasaYou might say that eating kielbasa is kind of like giving your doctor the middle finger. But since you probably won’t invite your doctor to your Super Bowl party, go ahead and enjoy this absurdly delicious, traditionally prepared sausage. Cairo makes his kielbasa with plenty of garlic, mustard seed, sugar, and salt, smokes it over applewood and hickory, and gives it a traditional horseshoe shape. Cairo suggests eating kielbasa with boiled potatoes and mustard.1-lb. Bratwurst“Bratwurst is what every sausage maker in the world judges every other sausage maker on,” says Cairo. The bratwurst from Olympic Provisions is the envy of sausage makers everywhere; it’s full of flavor but balanced at the same time. Cairo recommends combining the above sausages to create a traditional dish called choucroute garnie–all you have to do is boil sauerkraut and potatoes, chop up your sausages, and simmer them in the sauerkraut liquid.Navarre and Sopressata SalamiThe other meats in the Game Day Grillin’ Pack are dry-cured Navarre and Sopressata salami. These badboys are very flavorful and a little spicy. “Just slice ‘em up before your buddies get there, and you’ll have something delicious for the game,” says Cairo. “Then, at halftime, you can cook the sausages.”Two Beer KooziesAt some point during the big game, you’ll likely clutch your cold beer with rage and/or delight. When you do, your Olympic Provisions beer koozie will help you retain feeling in your hand. Cairo recommends pairing your sausages with a Kölsch from Double Mountain Brewery of Hood River, OR. Otherwise, a pilsner or any light beer will do. Since the sausages are pretty heavy, you don’t want anything that’s super dense.More From Olympic ProvisionsOlympic Provisions has many more products to make game day–and every other day–more delicious. Cairo recommends adding pickles to your order, or perhaps impressing your guests with a whole charcuterie board. If you’re a fan of salami, you could join Olympic Provisions’ “Salami of the Month Club” and have traditionally cured salami delivered to your door every second Tuesday. You might also try the 2014 Good Food Award-winning Flaco Paco chorizo, which Cairo describes as “our answer to the Slim Jim.”To get your Game Day Grillin’ Pack in time for the big day, try to get your order in by noon Pacific Time on Wednesday, January 28. You could also opt for an overnight order in a pinch. For the curious, Eli Cairo will be (reluctantly) rooting for the Seahawks to win it all.Click here to order the Game Day Grillin’ Pack – $50Be sure to like Olympic Provisions on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Editors’ Recommendations Brandi Chastain Wants to Get People Talking About Women’s Sports and Keep the Conversation Going Forever Uball Is the New Portable Basketball Hoop That Lets You Play Ball Anywherelast_img read more

Gladstone Hutchinson to Demit Office Next Year

first_imgAfter serving in that position for just over two years, Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) Dr. Gladstone Hutchinson, is set to demit office in early 2013. Dr. Hutchinson, who was appointed to the position in July 2010, succeeded Dr. Wesley Hughes, who is the current Financial Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Planning. The outgoing Director General was seconded from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, in the United States, where he served as Academic Dean, prior to coming to Jamaica. He is set to return to that institution to resume his work in academia. Speaking at his final PIOJ quarterly media briefing, as the Institute’s Head, at its New Kingston offices on Tuesday (November 20), Dr. Hutchinson informed that Lafayette College’s administration had expressed a desire for him to return to resume his duties there. “My university…has, throughout (my secondment), continued to tell me that I am deeply valued and they would like my return as soon as they could. This is something that the government has been aware of. So, as early as April (this year, myself along with)…the Prime Minister (the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller) and the Minister of Finance (and Planning, Dr. the Hon. Peter Phillips) and my university, we agreed that I would stay through the completion of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) negotiations and (development) of the growth strategy. I will be working hard until the end of January to complete (these and) some (other) very special projects that I am continuing to work on,” the Director General outlined. Dr. Hutchinson, who previously worked with the government in the capacity of Economic Advisor to then Finance Minister, Dr. the Hon. Omar Davies, and Financial Secretary, Shirley Tyndale, assured that his departure is not likely to compromise the PIOJ’s management structure. “The Planning Institute is very secure. We have outstanding senior leadership (in) a number of Deputy Directors General and Senior Directors, who will continue the incredible tradition of the…Institute, serving as the Chief Advisor to the Government on economic, social and environmental issues,” he assured. In reminiscing on his stewardship, which he said was rewarding, the Director General contended that the “saddest day of my experience is going to be when I have to leave here, because I have loved every second of my time, being here, and I continue to (do so)”. “I continue to believe that I create great value (to this Institute). I continue to…be inspired by my work and (the) work with my colleagues. I have not had one moment where I was not completely thrilled with the opportunity for service and collaboration. It has been my absolute privilege to serve this country and to be a part of my colleagues at the Planning Institute and across…government,…departments and agencies,” Dr. Hutchinson said, while stating that he looked forward to returning to Jamaica to serve in whatever capacity he could.last_img read more

Precious Shipping Sells Another Ship for Scrap

first_imgBangkok-headquartered dry cargo ship owner Precious Shipping has disposed of another Handysize bulk carrier, MV Parinda Naree, in an effort to modernize its fleet.The 1995-built Parinda Naree was sold for USD 1.29 million.On August 2, 2016, Precious Shipping signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with an unnamed Singapore-based buyer for selling the vessel.According to data provided by VesselsValue, the 23,720 dwt Parinda Naree was sold for demolition in India.As of August 18, the vessel’s AIS data from Marine Traffic shows it is currently anchored off the coast of Mumbai, India.On August 15, Precious Shipping said it has disposed of two Handysize bulkers, MV Suchada Naree and MV Apisara Naree. The vessels were sold for USD 1.28 million and USD 1.14 million, respectively.last_img read more

Maersk Line, CCS Ink Cooperation Deal

first_imgzoom Danish shipping company Maersk Line has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with China Classification Society (CCS) on technical exchanges.Under the agreement, signed on August 16, Maersk and CCS are set to start technical exchanges and cooperation in personnel training, emergency response services, Chinese shipyard and ship equipment information sharing, ship survey services, container vessel type research and development, as well as LNG power technology.Namely, Maersk Line’s Head of Marine Standards Aslak Ross and Maersk Line (China) President Jens Eskelund held talks with representatives of CCS and reached the technical exchanges deal.The cooperation between the two parties started in 2013 when Maersk’s then vice president Bo Cerup-Simonsen visited CCS.Since then, Maresk and CCS have deepened mutual understanding and developed cooperation in containership survey, ERS services and other areas, according to the classification society.last_img read more

Where are the best and worst places to be a woman in

first_imgEvery year, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives releases its report on the best and worst places to be a woman in Canada. The report looks at 26 cities and identifies areas of strength and weakness when it comes to things like the wage gap, the data gap, domestic violence, and child care.Does this year’s report show results from the Liberal government’s stated commitment to women and equality? And where it finds it lacking, will it actually change anything? Anne Kingston joins Sarah Boesveld to discuss what the data reveals and reflect on what life is like for women in Canada in 2019.HOST: Sarah Boesveld, Chatelaine / GUEST: Anne Kingston, Maclean’sAudio Playerhttp://media.blubrry.com/thebigstory/s/radio.pmd.rogersdigitalmedia.com/podcasts/thebigstory/tbs_03082019.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.You can subscribe to The Big Story podcast on iTunes or Google Play.You can also find it at thebigstorypodcast.ca.last_img read more

The Latest Sears creditors challenge ESLs winning bid

first_imgNEW YORK — The Latest on Sears bankruptcy auction (all times local):5 p.m.A group of Sears creditors are challenging Chairman Eddie Lampert’s hedge fund’s winning bid to buy the business in a bankruptcy auction and wants to sue the billionaire and his hedge fund.That’s according to a court filing Thursday in which the creditors contend that Lampert has painted himself as the saviour of the company, but has instead made a series of moves over the years that have benefited himself and his hedge fund ESL.Sears confirmed early Thursday that ESL had won tentative approval for a $5.2 billion plan to buy 425 stores and the rest of the company’s assets, staving off a liquidation of the iconic brand.The move would preserve 45,000 jobs, but it is still subject to approval by a bankruptcy judge on Feb. 1.ESL says in a statement that all transactions were done in good faith and were also approved by the company’s board, including independent directors.A spokesman for Sears Holding Corp. declined to comment.___12:20 p.m.Sears is confirming reports its chairman and largest shareholder Eddie Lampert’s hedge fund has won a bid to buy roughly 400 stores and other assets for $5.2 billion.The move, announced Thursday, preserves 45,000 jobs and is subject to court approval on Feb. 1. Creditors will have the opportunity to object before then.The deal will then close Feb. 8.The agreement follows marathon negotiations that started early Monday as Lampert was fending off demands from creditors who were pushing for liquidation.Lampert’s ESL Investments was the only one to put forth a proposal to rescue the floundering company in its entirety. He had sweetened his bid multiple times.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Sudan protesters defiant after aborted bids to clear army HQ sitin

first_imgKhartoum: Thousands of defiant Sudanese protesters remained camped outside army headquarters for a fourth day Tuesday, after security forces abandoned two separate attempts to disperse them when soldiers fired in the air, witnesses said. Chanting “freedom, freedom,” crowds of men and women, who had spent the night camped outside Khartoum’s sprawling complex that also houses the president’s residence, urged top brass to back them in ending Omar al-Bashir’s three decades of iron-fisted tule. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from USIt is the largest rally since protests erupted following a three-fold increase in bread prices in December, before mushrooming into nationwide demonstrations demanding that Bashir step down. Early on Tuesday, members of the National Intelligence and Security Service and riot police fired tear gas at the protesters in an abortive bid to disperse their sit-in, protest movement organisers said. “There was heavy firing of tear gas after which army soldiers opened the gates of the compound for protesters to enter,” a witness told AFP. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls”A few minutes later a group of soldiers fired gunshots in the air to push back the security forces who were firing tear gas.” A second witness too said soldiers had intervened against the security force agents. Since the protests erupted in December, the armed forces have remained on the sidelines even as security agents and riot police have cracked down. Demonstrators have called on the army to protect them from the deadly crackdown, during their four days camped outside its headquarters. Later a group of soldiers returned to the complex with a body in their pick-up truck, witnesses said. “What is the price of martyrs?” shouted the demonstrators as the vehicle entered. It was not immediately clear whose body it was. Hours later, security forces made a second attempt to clear the sit-in, witnesses said. They fired tear gas and shot in the air as they approached the area, witnesses said, adding that soldiers intervened again firing guns in the air.last_img read more

UK national in Lanka honored by the Queen

“I am amazed and very grateful to receive this unexpected honour,” said Michael Meyler. “The main thing I would like to think the book has achieved is to raise awareness of Sri Lankan English among learners, teachers and speakers of English in Sri Lanka, by bringing it out of the academic realm into the public domain. It certainly seems to have sparked a fair amount of debate on the subject.”Meyler holds a BA (Honours) in Modern and Medieval Languages (German and French) from the University of Cambridge, as well as professional qualifications in teaching English as a foreign language. He is an active participant in the English language cultural scene in Sri Lanka.: he was on the judging panel for the 2008 Gratiaen Prize (Sri Lanka’s most prestigious award for indigenous English-language literature) and he has participated in the internationally acclaimed Galle Literary Festival and acted as a moderator for its events. Michael Meyler came to Sri Lankain 1985 as an English teacher. Since 1995 he has worked at the British Council in Colombo, where he teaches beginners’ classes in Sinhala and Tamil. His book, A Dictionary of Sri Lankan English, was published in 2007. He has also published a trilingual children’s book and DVD called Keerthihan’s Kite, and illustrated flashcards of the Sinhala and Tamil alphabets. He is currently working on a trilingual learners’ dictionary of colloquial Sinhala, English and Tamil. A Dictionary of Sri Lankan English contains approximately 2,500 examples of words and expressions which are characteristic of the English spoken inSri Lanka. While originally intended for Sri Lankan students and teachers of English, foreigners living in Sri Lanka and anyone with an interest in international varieties of English, it has also proved popular with non-specialist Sri Lankan speakers of English, by drawing attention to the unique character of the English spoken here. The book illustrates how the English language evolves and adapts to different cultural contexts. Michael Meyler, a British National living inSri Lanka, has been honoured by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in her Birthday Honours List for 2012, the British High Commission in Colombo said.Meyler, a part-time teacher at the British Council in Colombo, has been awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of theBritish Empire) for his services to the English Language. read more

Heaviest lobster to be found in UK waters in 85 years is

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The heaviest UK-landed common lobster is settling into his new home.Weighing in at nearly 17lb (7.65kg), he is the heaviest common lobster to be discovered in UK waters since 1931.The lobster, which was initially called Lionel, was discovered earlier this month in waters off Lannacombe Beach, north Devon, by free diver Joe Pike.It was taken to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth to be weighed and checked over by vets. The lobster has now joined the Aquarium’s Plymouth Sound tank with a brand new name, JJ – in honour of British Olympic silver medal-winning boxer Joe Joyce, a super heavyweight.Aquarium curator James Wright said: “After weighing JJ in at 7.65kg, it does indeed look like he is the heaviest common lobster to be discovered in UK waters since 1931.”It is however, very hard to age a lobster, especially at this size due to the frequency with which they moult, and growth is affected by all kinds of factors, but we estimate he is around 50 to 70 years old.”As JJ had experienced a significant amount of time out of the water, we needed to make sure that no long-term damage had been imposed.”He has spent some time with our husbandry team who have been monitoring his progress very closely and we’re happy to report he has been feeding well and is on the road to recovery.” We’re happy to report he has been feeding well and is on the road to recoveryaquarium curator James Wrightcenter_img The lobster was discovered in waters off Lannacombe Beach, north DevonMr Wright added: “JJ now has pride of place welcoming visitors to the first display they see in our Plymouth Sound exhibit.”Once he’s made a full recovery, he will be moved to our Eddystone Reef exhibit, where he will join other native marine species, such as bass, pollock, greater spotted catsharks and smoothhound sharks.” Europe’s biggest ever common lobster was caught off Fowey in Cornwall in 1931 and weighed nearly 20lb (9kg).Common lobsters are dark blue in colour with yellowish spots and can measure up to 3ft (1m) in total length.last_img read more

Outotec to deliver copper flash smelting and flash converting technology to China

first_imgOutotec has been awarded a contract by Guangxi Jinchuan Non-Ferrous Metals for the design and delivery of a greenfield copper production plant to be built in the Fangchenggang port area near Bei Hai in Southern China. The contract value exceeds €30 million. Outotec’s scope of delivery includes operating licenses for both Outotec® Flash Smelting and Kennecott-Outotec Flash Converting technologies, basic engineering and delivery of proprietary equipment for smelting and converting, anode casting shop as well as spare parts. In the first phase, the annual capacity of the smelter will be 400,000 t of cathode copper and it is expected to be commissioned in early 2013. Outotec® Flash Smelting combined with Kennecott-Outotec® Flash Converting is the cleanest copper smelting method available. Outotec® Flash Smelting Process makes use of the reaction heat of concentrate and no external fuel is needed. Owing to low volume of process gas and sealed equipment, a total of 99.9 % of the sulfur can be captured. Even the discard slag from the process is in stable form and used in road construction or in other land-filling applications causing no environmental burden.“This is the third major Flash Smelting project announced by Outotec this year and also third Flash Converting technology delivery to China. This deal shows the high level of trust the market has for the Outotec smelting technologies and signifies the importance of the environmental and sustainability aspects. This order from the demanding Chinese market also proves the customer’s confidence in Outotec’s global experience in the smelter technology design, engineering and delivery of key equipment”, says Outotec’s CEO Pertti Korhonen.last_img read more

Melbourne set to welcome Patoulidou

first_imgVice governor of Thessaloniki Paraskevi Patoulidou is set to make an appearance Down Under. The first Greek female gold medallist will make her way to Melbourne on Thursday to give a lecture on ‘Sport, Tourism and Central Macedonia’, which will provide great insight into her life as an elite athlete, as well as her political career thereafter.Organised by the Greek Community of Melbourne in collaboration with the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne and Victoria and the Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies, the event will be a chance to honour Ms Patoulidou’s great contribution to sport.“We are delighted that Patoulidou will be with us in Melbourne. She was an icon in Greece for her spectacular achievements in Athletics,” said Bill Papastergiadis, president of the Greek Community of Melbourne. “It will be a wonderful opportunity for all of the Greeks in Melbourne to attend a catered free event with one of the stars of Greece.”The lecture will be taking place at Alphington Grammar’s Andrianakos Centre on Thursday 24 March at 7.30 pm. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Comment les jeunes sadaptent aux nouvelles technologies

first_imgComment les jeunes s’adaptent aux nouvelles technologies? La nouvelle génération compte de moins en moins sur leurs parents, amis…, ils préfèrent largement Google. Et dès qu’une information semble sortir du lot, ils la partagent à qui mieux mieux. L’univers des jeunes est décidément au tout numérique. Deux études menées en Angleterre et aux États-Unis, montre que la technologie prend une place de plus en plus considérable dans la vie des adolescents et pré-adolescents.Des SMS sinon rienLa première, menée par le Pew Internet and American Life Project, explique que les adolescents américains entre 12 et 17 ans envoient en moyenne 60 SMS par jour. Car le SMS est dans le vent, et les jeunes en envoient en moyenne dix de plus qu’il y a deux ans.Ce chiffre peut dire merci aux 14-17 ans qui, à eux seuls, ont fait grimper la cote du texto, en en consommant plus de 100 par jour. Et les filles sont de loin les plus bavardes, avec 100 SMS par jour contre 50 pour les garçons.L’étude précise que “quand on demande à ces jeunes quel est leur principal moyen de communication, ils répondent le SMS”.Pourtant, avec l’explosion des smartphones et du tout illimité, on aurait pu penser que les communications orales seraient privilégiées. Et bien non, désormais, une large partie des adolescents utilisent leur téléphone pour envoyer des SMS, et seulement 39% l’utilisent tous les jours pour réellement téléphoner.Facebook, Twitter, mais pas GmailEt les grands gagnant sont les réseaux sociaux car ils sont plus de 29% à les utiliser pour communiquer, et ce nombre ne cesse d’augmenter.Par contre, celui qui ne fait pas l’unanimité chez les jeunes, c’est le mail. Seuls 6% des adolescents américains l’utilise encore quotidiennement.Amanda Lenhart, auteure de l’étude, affirme que “les adolescents continue de privilégier les SMS, alors que l’utilisation des mails, des messageries instantanées et des appels est passée au second plan”, rapporte le site SFGate.Cette tendance ne semble pas diminuer. D’autant plus que les jeunes communiquent avec un nombre grandissant d’interlocuteurs: amis, proches, parents, professeurs, coach, patrons.Google plutôt que les parentsLa seconde, menée par la Cité des Sciences de Birmingham, montrent que plus de la moitié des écoliers âgés de 6 à 15 ans préfèrent faire leurs devoirs avec l’aide de Google plutôt que de demander aux parents, explique RTBF. En effet, ces derniers ne sont consultés que par 26% des jeunes scolarisés. Et 9% admettent même qu’ils n’iront jamais poser de questions à leurs professeurs, préférant chercher sur Google. Mais pourquoi un tel comportement? 34% de ces adolescents considèrent leurs devoirs trop difficiles pour leurs parents, et 14% d’entre eux, ne les considèrent pas comme intelligents.Un coup dur pour les parents, mais qui s’inscrit dans la tendance actuelle. Les jeunes vivent désormais une relation quotidienne avec les nouvelles technologies. Le docteur Pam Waddell, directrice de la Cité des Sciences de Birmingham explique que “avec des enfants qui grandissent dans un environnement où la technologie digitale est devenue un standard, il n’est pas surprenant que les jeunes posent d’abord leurs questions à Google avant de demander à leurs parents”.  Ainsi, 91% d’entre eux utilisent un moteur de recherche une à cinq fois par jour, souvent pour trouver de nouvelles sources d’information.Encyclopédie ? Kesako ?Fini le dictionnaires et les encyclopédies classiques. D’autant plus qu’avec l’Encyclopedia Britannica, qui n’est désormais disponible que sur Internet, et Wikipédia, les adolescents sont servis. Ils peuvent ainsi accéder à une source intarissable de données en très peu de temps. Selon les chiffres, cette tendance ne cesse de s’accélérer. En effet, un adolescent sur cinq n’a jamais ouvert un dictionnaire et un sur quatre ne sait même pas ce qu’est une encyclopédie !À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Les chercheurs ont également déterminé que 36% des adolescents interrogés utilisent un iPad, un Kindle ou un ordinateur pour lire un livre plusieurs fois par semaine.Cependant, “ces résultats ne sont pas forcément mauvais. Cela montre juste à quel point les nouvelles technologies sont devenues une banalité et à quel point les jeunes y accèdent facilement. Les enfants sont d’un naturel curieux, et le fait qu’il utilisent les nouvelles technologies pour leurs recherches, c’est plutôt bon signe pour le futur”, explique Pam Waddell.Mais que les parents se rassurent. Si leurs chères têtes blondes envoient un nombre démesuré de SMS ou surfent sur Internet, c’est signe qu’ils voient souvent leurs amis, “dans la vraie vie”. Le 21 mars 2012 à 10:30 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

NXT Q&A panel to take place on 12/13 in Manchester, England

first_img Now Playing Up Next Twitter SPOILERS: 7/19 NXT UK TV Tapings from Plymouth, England to air on the WWE Network Bully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On Twitter Courtesy of WWE.com:Don’t miss a special NXT panel in Manchester!When NXT invades the United Kingdom for the first-ever U.K. TakeOver Tour, the NXT Universe in Manchester will get a special chance to hear first-hand what it takes to make it from the Superstars of Tomorrow during a special panel on Sunday, Dec. 13, at The Whiskey Jar.NXT Champion Finn Bálor and NXT Women’s Champion Bayley will be joined by NXT General Manager William Regal and host Greg Hamilton for this special panel, where they’ll share stories of their respective careers and answer your questions. Plus, there will be a meet-and-greet opportunity with the panelists, courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.Tickets are now available for both this special event, as well as the rest of the NXT U.K. TakeOver U.K. Tour, a week-long journey through the United Kingdom that culminates with NXT TakeOver: London at the SSE Arena, broadcast live around the world on WWE Network. Seating for the NXT Superstar panel is limited, so get your tickets now.Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipWho Will Face Undertaker At WrestleMania 35?Video Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:42/Current Time 0:04Loaded: 100.00%0:04Remaining Time -0:38 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Facebook WhatsApp Videos Articles SPOILERS: 7/20 NXT UK TV Tapings from Plymouth, England to air on the WWE Network Ronda Rousey On WWE: I Love This Job, But I Dont Need It Now Playing Up Next Who Will Face Undertaker At WrestleMania 35?center_img Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Finn Bálor Google+ Now Playing Up Next Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Roman Reigns is in Remission Pinterest WWE Smackdown Results – 5/14/19 (Final hype for Money in the Bank, Fatal 4-Way match) Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasionslast_img read more

International Womens Day Message from the desk of the Premier Hon Sharlene

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, March 8, 2017 – Providenciales –My people from across the length nd breadth of our beautiful by  nature Turks and Caicos, it is indeed an honour for me to address you today, as we join the billions of people across the world in celebrating International Women’s Day. Whilst as you Premier, and as a woman, I support the daily recognition of our women, as wives, as mothers, as sisters, as daughters, and as friends, today is especially marked for the reminiscence of the women who throughout time have endured the struggle and those who led and fought the fight for equality within their nations.  Industrially, it has been a long but good fight for the women of many countries and indeed it has been a victorious fight for the women of these Turks and Caicos Islands.Over the years we have witnessed the evolution of the role of the woman from predominance in the home, to predominance in the school, to predominance in the workplace, and in recent years, predominance in politics.  In fact, the non-traditional role of the woman has overtaken the role of males in many aspects and the paradigm shift has seen gender inequality tipping towards the male in 2017.Whilst our success as women industrially is significant and should be celebrated, we must also strive to strike and maintain the balance as the career professional woman and the nurturer family woman to ensure that there is no renunciation of our role in the home and the society, and that we continue to play our part as mothers, wives and as participants in civic and social organizations.We must continue to support the family unit realizing that, as feminists, we are ultimately responsible for the teaching and nurturing of our children through love, kindness, helpfulness and as the weavers of the moral and social fabric of our society.In recognition of the role that women play in our lives, we must also recommit to the support, edification and protection of our women.  We must make every effort to ensure proper legislations, policies and facilities are in place and functional for the protection of our women.  I am therefore calling on Governments the world over to do our utmost to ensure that our women and our girls are protected from domestic abuse and violence, and protected from rape, molestation and other sexual offences.Finally, let us also ensure that we continue to provide the fundamental access to systems and programs that will support female development and success, today an long into the future, so that we, as women, continue to be lifted up, honored, supported and recognized for the profound role that we play the world over and especially in these beautiful by nature Turks and Caicos Islands.Press release: TCIG Related Items:#magneticmedianews Electricity Cost of Service Study among the big agenda items at September 11 Cabinet meeting ALERT # 2 ON POTENTIAL TROPICAL CYCLONE NINE ISSUED BY THE BAHAMAS DEPARTMENT OF METEOROLOGY THURSDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 AT 9 PM EDT Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you The Luxury of Grace Bay in Down Town Provolast_img read more

The Wilmington Insider For June 16 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below is a round-up of what’s going on in Wilmington on Saturday, June 16, 2018:Happening Today:Weather: Sunny, with a high near 85. Northwest wind 3 to 6 mph.In The Community: There are (at least) 3 yard sales in town today. Get the details HERE.In The Community: Town Beach is open. Lifeguards are on duty from 10am to 8pm. Here’s what you need to know.In The Community: The Friends of the Wilmington Memorial Library’s Book Store Next Door (183 Middlesex Avenue) is open from 10am to 4pm. All books are $2 or less!  Every penny of every sale benefits the Wilmington Memorial Library.In The Community: The Wilmington Food Pantry (142 Chestnut Street) is open from 10am to noon for food donation drop-offs. Learn which food items the Pantry is most in need of HERE.At The Library: Toe Jam Puppet Band Summer Reading Kickoff Event takes place at 11am at the Wilmington Memorial Library (175 Middlesex Avenue). Kick off our summer reading program with Toe Jam!! Audience members of all ages are encouraged to sing and dance along with Toe Jam as they entertain with a unique combination of original songs and interactive storytelling. Get ready for a Car Wash, watch out for the Flying Laundry and be prepared to laugh with glee, Toe Jam style! All ages. Register HERE.(NOTE: What did I miss? Let me know by commenting below, commenting on the Facebook page, or emailing wilmingtonapple@gmail.com. I may be able to update this post.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Saturday, July 27, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Wednesday, August 21, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Saturday, July 6, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more

Another Juneau restaurant empire growing

first_imgBeau Schooler makes ricotta gnocchi in the kitchen of Panhandle Provisions. (Photo by Lisa Phu/KTOO)Download AudioAnother Juneau restaurant empire is taking form with the opening of an Italian restaurant next month in the space recently known as the Silverbow Bakery. In Bocca Al Lupo will be the newest restaurant venture by the people who run The Rookery Café, Panhandle Provisions and The Taqueria.In the kitchen of Panhandle Provisions on Seward Street, Beau Schooler cracks a few eggs in a big metal bowl. He’s making ricotta gnocchi.“A cheese-based form of gnocchi, which is an Italian dumpling,” Schooler says.He stirs up the eggs, whole milk ricotta and some salt, and then grates in some Grana Padano, which is similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano. It’s like “like parmesan’s younger cousin.”The flour comes next. Gnocchi is usually made with potatoes, but it can be made with other ingredients, like spinach or sweet potato. It’s treated just like pasta – boiled till done and tossed with a sauce. The Rookery Café currently offers the ricotta gnocchi with a ragout made with pork from the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.“When we get the Italian place open, we’ll always have one kind of gnocchi on the menu,” Schooler says.Schooler went to Calabria, Italy in 2008 to learn the basics of Italian cuisine.“So you get there and it’s basically like six days a week, 12 hours a day, you just eat, sleep, breathe Italian food. That’s all you do,” he says.For the restaurant, Schooler will stay true to the roots of Italian cooking while also incorporating Alaskan ingredients. He’s working with friends who produce traditional-style fermented Italian cheese curds.“The mozzarella that you can make with their curds is, I call it, life changing. It blows you away,” Schooler says. “So we’ll probably have a traditional Margherita-style pizza with the San Marzano tomatoes and the fresh-made mozzarella with this fermented curd and the Alaska sea salt and thin garlic. And we might play around with smoked salmon on a pizza just because it’s Alaska and you got to do something like that.”“In bocca al lupo” is Italian for “break a leg,” though it literally translates to “in the wolf’s mouth.” The restaurant will feature handmade pasta and wood-fired pizzas ranging in price from $12-20, with entrees like roast chicken or duck costing more. The restaurant will also serve beer and wine.Travis Smith first opened The Rookery Café in November 2010. In Bocca Al Lupo will be his third restaurant. (Photo by Lisa Phu/KTOO)This will be the third restaurant opening for Travis Smith. Many of Juneau’s favorite restaurants are owned and operated by the same groups of people. Twisted Fish, Hangar on the Wharf and Pizzeria Roma all have at least one common owner. As do Tracy’s Crab Shack, Saffron, Salt and McGivney’s.Smith started The Rookery Café in November 2010. Schooler joined the restaurant a couple of years later. They opened the deli Panhandle Provisions in June 2014, which they plan to move into the Italian restaurant location. The Taqueria opened February 2015.Once you have the mechanics down for one restaurant, Smith said, it’s possible to open more.“We couldn’t operate The Taqueria if we didn’t have another location where we could store their product off-site and have some prep work done because they just don’t have the space. Similarly, we couldn’t do what we’re doing in The Rookery if I hadn’t moved the bakery to a different location in 2013,” he said.In the past couple of years, the restaurant group has gone from 12 to about 50 employees. But not everything Smith and Schooler touch turns to gold.“We did have a little food cart operation that we shut down after a month that took us a year and a half to open. It was called the Chowder Shack, and we were just going to be selling our halibut chowder, but it turns out that that’s not something that people just wanted to buy and walk around and eat,” Smith said.Smith is confident they have the staff and ability to run In Bocca Al Lupo, and he doesn’t plan to open any more restaurants.“We’re going to stop at three. Essentially, our three children. The family is done,” Smith said.Back at the kitchen, Schooler cooks the gnocchi in a small pot of boiling salted water for just a few minutes.“Once they’re floating at the top, then they’re done. The key to these, really, is to pull them as soon as they start floating,” Schooler says.He ladles some into a small bowl and grates some cheese.“So that’s just pasta water, butter and then Grana Padano, and that’s kind of like how they do it over there,” Schooler says.I plunge a fork into the bowl. Schooler’s gnocchi is sublime. Each one is a soft pillow in my mouth – a couple bites and then it melts.last_img read more