Huangyuan County, Town God’s Temple was classified as a national heritage conservation units

reporter learned from relevant departments of Huangyuan County, as one of the main scenic spots in Town God’s Temple County of Huangyuan in the ancient city of Dan for its ancient buildings intact, unique architectural style, in May this year by the State Council as a national cultural relics protection units.

Huangyuan county is located in Huangyuan County Chengguan town of Ming and Qing Street, was built in the Qing Emperor Qianlong forty-one years (1776), dating back to the past more than and 200 years of history of the past years. Town God’s Temple covers an area of 6000 square meters, is one of the most complete preservation of the northwest region of Town God’s Temple. The main building are: Zhaobi, gate, theater, the west wing, things Peidian, St. Paul, main hall, the west wing, palace. In all, are set brackets of Qing style in Chinese style approach, based on the melt into the Tibetan style, atmosphere, classic, rare in the Northwest region. (author: Zhao Junjie) read more

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Focus on the clean food exhibition exhibition colorful tea fragrance

May Day holiday, clean food exhibition popular heyday. Xining City South International Convention and Exhibition Center in the crowd, people enjoy a leisurely holiday, but also feel the increasingly prosperous plateau exhibition economy.

bursts of fragrance floated, the exhibition hall in Shaanxi, Fu Tak food and Beverage Co., Ltd., the production of new tea leaves many people smell stop. Do you have sweet tea?" "I’m going to taste salty!" "Have you got any new products on the market?"…… The crowd was so busy with the sales staff. The reporter also took a small squeeze in sample. A mouthful of drink, a sweet tea flavor in the mouth, the heart filled. "What is your product sales in Qinghai?" Reporter asked. "We are a hundred years old, has been good sales in Qinghai, has annual sales growth, people are happy with the de Fuxiang products, business promotion department manager Li Hongguang cheerfully side edge to answer a reporter’s question about. read more

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City ndustrial and commercial bureau of the East Branch of 12315 consumer rights norms

comprehensive and in-depth promotion of 12315 consumer rights service station, into the work of the East branch from July 20th to August 2nd in the global scope to carry out the work of the 12315 consumer rights norms to improve work.
the work focused on the area of the 12315 consumer rights service station construction are not comprehensive, service station staff is equipped with not neat, work not high quality standard and improve. One is from the complete staff and start to carry out education and training, and constantly improve the staff wholeheartedly for the consumer rights service consciousness, the jurisdiction of the 12315 consumer rights service station staff were focused on training, the total of 2 training courses, training staff of 96 people, and to learn the "Consumer Protection Law", "product quality law", "food safety law" and other laws and regulations knowledge. The two is to establish a working system as the basis, establish and improve the purchase inspection, substandard goods delisting, commodity quality commitment system, standard of acceptance and handling of complaints and complaints procedures, timely answer consumer advice, accept consumer rights cases timely, regular statistics, summary, report to the service station to carry out the work. At present, the branch in the jurisdiction of the establishment of a total of 12315 consumer rights service station, the listing of the 18 in the hotel rooms, small restaurants, restaurants, beauty salons and other places of service set up 12315 warning signs 124. Three is to adhere to local conditions and focused combination, combined with the actual area, based on the scope of rights service station and standards on the area of business visits, publicity and relevant regulations on the quality of goods and services, operators propaganda quality responsibility and self-discipline, and focus and operators face the communication and contact the Bureau of industry and commerce what were the "comprehensive work" and "law enforcement", "food safety supervision" and "service enterprise development" as the theme, held 3 times and open day "activities, invite area business representatives of more than 50 people in the discussion exchange, sincerely listen to the deputies of the business sector’s opinions and suggestions, let listen to the voice of the consumer business operators, the exchange between dealing with disputes experience, enables the operator to correct business philosophy, integrity management, mutual learning method, Enhance the operators of legal standard management consciousness, the 12315 consumer rights service station become the business sector to listen to the voice of the platform, the flow of public opinion. read more

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Financial assistance to the proposal to resolve the implementation of the Department

The National People’s Congress put forward opinions and suggestions to implement the project, our specialized financial capital investment, and comprehensively promote the city’s representative suggested for, effectively enhance the people’s Congress proposed the resolution, many people urgently need to solve the problem so that it can solve. The opinions and suggestions of the people’s Congress this year are still listed in the budget arrangements. This reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau in August 13th.

by the financial sector statistics, the four session of the fifteen National People’s Congress submitted by the municipal government in 2013, representing 114 recommendations, on behalf of recommendations, the municipal government has invested 850 million yuan of financial funds, the effective protection of the representative opinions and suggestions for the effectiveness of. Among them, in 2013 the year to solve and the basic solution of 74, accounting for 65%; was adopted and included in the plan, the gradual resolution of the 21, accounting for 18.4%. Many of the difficulties and problems that the masses of the people’s Congress put forward to solve are solved in time. In 2014 the city’s fifteen session of the five meeting of the municipal government to submit opinions and suggestions 115, capital requirements are proposed to be involved in has been included in the budget for the rest of the opinions and suggestions, the financial sector will be resolved through next year, included in the plan for a higher level of special funds, the use of general reserve funds etc..   read more

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After the implementation of the new deal, leave maternity leave days the people still need to be p

With the newly revised "population and family planning law," the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy officially landed. From January 1st onwards, the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy. In the interest of all two children at the same time, marriage leave maternity leave time by many people concerned. As of January 17th, a number of provinces and cities the newly revised local regulations promulgated, for our province marriage maternity leave is long, the reporter learned from relevant departments, the specific time to wait for a local Ordinance to amend after work to be published.

see so many provinces have been clear off a long maternity leave, a citizen in our province, the upcoming wedding a little anxious. He dropped a letter to the mayor’s mailbox, mentioned in the letter, he will get married in late January, because the hometown in the province, far away, 3 days of marriage is not enough. Now, he took out the unit should not cancel false news for him to marry accurate fake, which makes him very embarrassed. A few days later, the people get a reply: new late marriage policy in Qinghai province was passed, according to the previous policy implementation. Like the Hugh not worry about their marriage like citizens in our province, many unmarried young people also fear their own can not enjoy the ten days of marriage.Provisions of the current implementation of

I province population and family planning regulations, working personnel of the state, enterprises and institutions, practitioners of marriage, marriage and childbearing increased 15; women increase maternity leave 30 days, their spouses enjoy 10 day care leave.
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Harvesting of agricultural machinery to ensure that the fall of wheat particles to warehouse

The city has entered the autumn harvest season. On the afternoon of August 18th, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen went to Huangzhong to check the work of agricultural mechanization harvest, and the farmers concerned about the autumn harvest convenience measures, mechanized harvesting, grain purchase price and other issues to make specific arrangements.

gold Jiuchen successively came to Huangzhong County, village, Tian Jia Zhai Zhen Mao er Cun Li Jia Tai Cun harvest scene, carefully check the grain harvest, asked in detail about the distribution of reserves and agricultural grain harvest situation. See the heavy wheat pressure over the branches, the harvester rumble in the field busy, gold Jiuchen delighted. He asked the relevant regions and departments must carry out agricultural supply services, strengthen agricultural transportation work, take various measures to convenience for farmers to harvest food; supply and marketing departments should actively strive for the relevant subsidies in place, to ensure the stability of grain prices, to prevent the phenomenon of price hikes. Jin Jiuchen stressed that walking mechanization is the base of the agricultural development, should actively promote the technology of mechanical harvesting, to promote agricultural technology as the starting point, the full implementation of the policy of agricultural subsidies, to promote Huangzhong County Agricultural mechanization.It is reported that read more

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Entrepreneurial winter or let 70% companies die

venture capital investment in the winter is very popular, New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong also accept this argument. And he also made it clear that this year there will be 70% start-up companies will die in the capital of winter.

"in 2016 China entrepreneurial experience a winter, there will be 60%-70% deaths", "some say Sheng Xitai the partner than Xu Xiaoping and Wang Qianghao told me, this is completely is the title of the party". In January 20th, said the New Oriental chairman, Hong Thai fund founding partner Yu Minhong annual meeting in Shan Street No. 0 and hosted on the server business. read more

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New sea lake district two bus lines

With the construction of the new Lake Lake area continues to accelerate this year, the occupancy rate of the new Lake District, the original bus lines have been unable to meet the needs of the residents of the new lake district. Reporter in December 7th from the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau of transportation department was informed that, in order to further facilitate travel, to create a good travel environment for the public, according to the municipal government for approval by the Municipal Transportation Bureau, city bus company from December 9th two new bus lines to the lake district.It is reported that read more

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ARATS The Belt and Road Taiwan special forum held Chen Deming Zhang Guangrong attended and spoke

6 20, Cross-Strait Relations Association Taiwan "The Belt and Road" delegation to attend the seventeenth session of China · Qinghai investment and trade fair green development in the third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge, and to be held in Qinghai Conference Center "with the way of Taiwan special forum. ARATS chairman Chen Deming, Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong attended the forum and delivered a speech, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, ARATS vice chairman Li Yafei, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Xiaoqing attended the forum. read more

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