3 new spray dust suppression vehicles

recently, in the West District of the streets everywhere can see the dust suppression spray car similar in dust, it is understood that the introduction of this new type of spraying dust car for the west area of dust proof dry work and achieved good results.

it is understood that because I belong to the northern city, especially in winter, the air is dry and dusty, and the sprinkler for daily use only on the surface of the dust cleaning, add ice in winter water easily, so difficult to deal with urban dust suppression. This car is spraying dust by water into water in the form of direct atmospheric dust suppression sprinkler, it is impossible to do, and the introduction of this machine is relatively free of labor. Spray dust dust suppression effect is excellent and the car not only saves time and effort, the citizens are praising it as the city’s "humidifier". It is understood that in January this year, the west district has introduced a total of 3 spray dust suppression vehicles, the stage for all the main roads in the region to dust work, and achieved good results. read more

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New year’s day three days in Xining, the mall sold $13 ninety million

during the 2013 New Year’s Day holiday, major commercial circulation enterprises in our province to seize the opportunity to open up holiday sales, supply channels, the rich variety of goods, carry out various forms of discount Rangli activities, is sufficient, the province’s consumer goods market supply Gouxiaoliangwang, sales increased steadily. January 5th, according to the Provincial Department of Commerce statistics, 1 to 3, focusing on the monitoring of Xining City, a total of 13 commercial and trading enterprises to achieve total sales of goods of $90 million 980 thousand, an increase of 11.3%. read more

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East District Folk Culture Tourism Festival Opening

from January 16th to February 28th, the city of Xining will be held in the folk culture tourism festival. Members of the public can be in the eastern restaurant food products, appreciation of handmade works of art, but also to experience the joy of picking fruits and vegetables.

to alleviate the winter travel difficulties, Xining City Tourism Bureau jointly held the eastern restaurant famous delicacy Festival, the public can enjoy halal delicacy during the event, to the eastern restaurants all taste the store’s signature dishes, in rhyme ieguchi members of the public can also taste authentic Qinghai dish skiles". At the same time, also can enjoy art, calligraphy, photography, carving, stone exhibition in the ecological park. Interested people can experience the agricultural planting in the ecological park, greenhouse crop picking. read more

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First press conference highlights four changes

1 16 in the morning, the six meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress held the first press conference, the theme of the conference is: "four change" development ideas to further promote and implement the "four major solid" requirements. The entire conference from content to form new ideas one after another, outside the province has attracted 28 media, more than 80 journalists focus on Ecological Province Province, province, national unity and progress into the national overall development and implementation of ecological production and living in the virtuous cycle of major theme. read more

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Do you set off firecrackers this Spring Festival

PM2.5 rise, haze generated…… In recent years, the pollution caused by setting off firecrackers has become the focus of public attention. Whether setting off firecrackers has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years. With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, many people choose to put or set off firecrackers in the spring festival. "Do you set off firecrackers this year?" Became popular with friends and relatives, the popular words.Although read more

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North District Bureau of Education held a party in my heart keynote speech contest

to commemorate the 91 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, praise the glorious history of the party, celebrating 91 years, under the leadership of the party, the great achievements of the people of all ethnic groups in the reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction, the extensive publicity education achievements, a comprehensive display of outstanding style, district education workers in June 25th, the North District Party committee held education "to celebrate the 91 anniversary of the founding, to celebrate the eighteen Congress" and "party speech in my heart" theme activities. District standing committee, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Wei Xining, deputy director of the District People’s Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of the CPPCC District, Ma allowed to attend the speech in the event of Zhang Xiaoxian.
speech, 17 contestants combined with their own work, review the history, feel the reality, facing the future, to talk about the party’s construction and the development of science understanding, praising the party building, to celebrate the party’s development, the full expression of the party’s love, a comprehensive display of the excellent style education system of Party members that was the prelude to the education system to celebrate the convening of eighteen. Players wonderful speech from time to time to win applause, the atmosphere is very active. Tian Jiarui won the first prize in the final, Li Xin, and won the two prize, respectively, well Kai Ying, Chen, and Xiao Cong, and coke, respectively, won the prize of the three, the game was a complete success in the world, such as the prize, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.
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Huangyuan County Leisure Benefits of leisure agriculture demonstration park

By 2012, Huangyuan Chenhui galvanized limited liability company invested 18 million 760 thousand yuan, with "company + cooperative + farmer" mode of operation, in Shen Zhong Xiang before the village built set of raspberry planting, agricultural leisure and tourism in one of the agricultural tourism and leisure park

2012, from Huangyuan Chenhui galvanized limited liability company invested 18 million 760 thousand yuan, with "company + cooperative + farmer" mode of operation, in Shen Zhong Xiang before the village built set of raspberry planting, agricultural leisure and tourism in one of the agricultural tourism and leisure park. At present, planting 260 acres of plateau has begun to pick raspberries. It is understood that this is known as the "golden fruit", "king of the fruit" of 1000 mu per mu of raspberries, the market price per kilogram of 60 – $80. Total output is expected to reach 1000 tons, with a total revenue of up to $6 million, driven by local farmers to increase income of 2 million 600 thousand yuan. At the same time, the park received 50 thousand visitors a year, revenue of $2 million 300 thousand, the park’s comprehensive benefits initially emerged as a demonstration park in Huangyuan County Leisure Agriculture development. read more

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Huang Bo and you meet FRST Festival

ninth China Xining · FIRST youth film festival main activities are hot, will be announced on the evening of July 27th awards. Yesterday, reporters from the Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival Organizing Committee was informed that the film festival awards ceremony that evening, Ambassador Huang Bo, the famous host Sa Beining and Jiang Wen, Xie Fei, Cao Jiuping, Cao Baoping, Yan Geling, Chang Chen, Dongyu Zhou, Huo Tingxiao, Dai Jinhua, Bao Dexi, Du Yuan, Liu Hua, reed, hill is three big coffee sure appeared in Xining, attended the FIRST festival. read more

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Fit era cool Xining how to take this chance

size attractions can be seen everywhere in twos and threes young Backpackers, scenic parking lot in the field of the license plate of private cars everywhere, the site of the forum, Xining travel Raiders endless…… Now, with the improvement of the income level and the concept of consumption changes, the era of travel fit has quietly come. Sampling survey of the city’s tourism sector showed that the phenomenon is more prominent in Xining tourism than the team off the team. From the past to play the leading role of the team swim to become the main force of the individual tour, the city in the reception facilities, tourism services and other aspects of what homework to do? read more

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