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Survey finds minimal progress in militarys fight against sexual misconduct

first_imgOTTAWA — A new Statistics Canada survey of military personnel suggests the Canadian Forces has made minimal progress in eradicating serious sexual misconduct from the ranks despite years of effort.According to results released Wednesday morning, 1.6 per cent of regular-force members — or about 900 full-time military personnel — reported being the victim of a sexual assault over the previous 12 months.The rate among reservists was even higher, with 2.2 per cent — or about 300 part-time military personnel — reporting they were the victim of a sexual assault, which includes sexual attacks, unwanted sexual touching or sexual activity without consent.The numbers represent only a slight improvement from a similar survey conducted by Statistics Canada two years earlier, raising questions about the effectiveness of the military’s efforts to eliminate such behaviour.In a statement, the military’s second-in-command, Lt.-Gen. Paul Wynnyk, says the number of military personnel who continue to be affected by sexual misconduct is “completely unacceptable.”At the same time, Wynnyk says it is encouraging the vast majority of service members see such actions as unacceptable and have confidence in the military’s ability to deal with reports of misbehaviour.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

FRMF Invites 110 Moroccan Referees to Receive VAR Training

Rabat – Ahead of the adoption of the video assistant referee (VAR) in Morocco’s first football league, Botola Pro, the FRMF is organizing a 10-day-training session in the National Center of Football (CNF) in Mammoura, (near the Royal palace of Sale) to introduce the new technology to Moroccan referees.FRMF previously announced that the VAR would go into effect starting from the next football season.The 10-day-training starts Thursday, August 1 and aims to present the VAR basic elements to the Moroccan referees to ensure they are familiar with the technology. The referees will also be updated on FIFA’s new refereeing regulations, reported Assabah newspaper in its August 1 edition. FRMF has invited 110 referees and assistant referees of both genders to attend the training. They will also pass a fitness test.A Spanish company will carry out the project to set up the VAR across Moroccan stadiums.Read also: EST-Wydad Case: CAS Dismisses Wydad’s Requests, Deepens ConfusionAssabah added that the Spanish company has finished evaluating Moroccan stadiums to ensure that they match VAR’s technical set-up requirements.A report will be prepared and submitted to FRMF’s president Fouzi Lekjaa.The Spanish company requires a minimum of 15-hour-training per referee.A video of the referees will be sent to FIFA to evaluate their readiness and efficiency before they can be officially named VAR Referees. read more

High unemployment blights Palestinian lives – UN report

24 August 2011The economy of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) grew by 9.3 per cent last year, but that expansion was not enough to reduce the area’s 30 per cent unemployment rate, the United Nations trade and development arm said in a new report released today. The economy of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) grew by 9.3 per cent last year, but that expansion was not enough to reduce the area’s 30 per cent unemployment rate, the United Nations trade and development arm said in a new report released today.Gaza saw a 15 per cent growth, while the West Bank’s economy expanded by 7.6 per cent, the UN Conference of Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said in its annual report on assistance to the Palestinian people. The Palestinian per capita gross domestic product (GDP) last year was still seven per cent below the levels of 1999, according to the study.The report stresses that there is considerable fiscal “leakage” as a result of substantial levels of indirect imports. Palestinian imports from Israel are not taxed, but a significant portion of such imports is made up of goods produced in the rest of the world and re-exported to the oPt, with import revenues accruing to the Israeli Treasury, the report notes.A recent study by the Bank of Israel indicated that about 58 per cent of what is officially reported as Israeli exports to oPt actually comes from abroad through Israel’s trade sector. Customs revenue from those imports is captured by the Israeli authorities and not transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA). The loss to the Palestinian treasury is estimated to be in the range of $480 million per year, or 25 per cent of Palestinian public revenue.The UNCTAD assessment of the economic and employment cost of the fiscal leakage suggests that were these funds available as fiscal stimulant, the Palestinian GDP could expand by an additional 10 per cent ($500 million per year) and employment could increase by 4 per cent or 30,000 to 40,000 jobs per year.The loss to the Palestinians highlights the urgency of reconsidering the revenue clearance arrangement between the PA and Israel, and the need for measures to remedy the negative impacts of information “asymmetry” between the two sides, according to UNCTAD. The new evidence on Palestinian imports confirms that much of Palestinian trade is actually with the rest of the world rather than with Israel.The report also contends that the growth recorded in 2010 is not a sign of sustainable recovery, but rather reflects an economy rebounding from a low base.It shows that the growth has come after a decade-long economic regression and continuing de-industrialization. Concerns about the sustainability of growth arise from observed technological regression and the fact that the 2010 growth relied on substantial donor aid and public expenditure.Private-sector revival is still constrained by the construction of the separation barrier, movement and access restrictions, limited access to external markets for the export of goods or the import of production inputs, and a much reduced productive and natural resource base.The movement of Palestinian people and goods in the West Bank last year was obstructed by more than 500 obstacles and checkpoints. Palestinian exports to Israel, which account for about 90 per cent of total oPt exports, fell by an alarming 30 per cent during the 2008-2009 period and are yet to recover.Restrictions on the movement of people and goods to, from or within the West Bank and Gaza have fostered small-scale cost inefficiencies and technological decline and have blocked the emergence of an export sector capable of substantial contributions to economic development, the report notes. Prohibitive transaction costs, long waiting periods, and damage to goods at crossing points undermine existing Palestinian businesses and discourage potential investment, it adds.Despite massive destruction of private and public property during the 24-day military confrontation in the Gaza Strip in December 2008, importation of construction material into Gaza is still banned, with exception of imports by international organizations. However, in 2010 a modest relaxation of the Israeli blockade resulted in some improvement in economic activity in Gaza, though humanitarian conditions are still dire, according to the report.Prolonged periods of high unemployment and interruption of production activities carry the risk of a loss of skills for Palestinian workers and long-term damage to human capital.An estimated 26 per cent of Palestinians in the oPt live in poverty. In Gaza, poverty levels are as high as 38 per cent, while in the West Bank they are at 18 per cent. Half of all households were food insecure or vulnerable to food insecurity last year, the UNCTAD study shows.Another significant constraint on the Palestinian economy is the growing physical and demographic separation of East Jerusalem from the rest of oPt, the report notes. read more

Cabinet approves Certificate of Absentee for missing

Nonetheless, if a missing person is not acceptable to his relatives as a person who has died, in such occasions under the clauses of this Act it is not possible to register such a person as a person who has died.It has been observed that in such an event the relatives of such a person could not obtain the rights and dues entitled for them. Since regulations related to registration of deaths under such conditions do not cover in the said Act, the Act No. 19 of 2010 relating to registration of deaths (temporary regulations) was introduced as a solution for this impediment. Accordingly in compliance with revising the Act No. 19 of 2010 relating to registration of deaths (temporary regulations) to facilitate this procedure of the internationally recognized mechanisms, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a proposal made by the Minister of Home Affairs Vajira Abeywardene to register  such a missing person as a person who cannot be found and issue a “Certificate of Absentee” and to revise Act No. 19 of 2010 relating to registration of deaths (temporary regulations). The cabinet has approved a proposal to issue a “Certificate of Absentee” for people reported missing and in the event the relatives refuse to accept a death certificate for such a person.By the regulations of Act No. 17 of 1951 covering the registration of Births and Deaths, the Registrar General’s Department has been empowered with the task of registering deaths. However this does not cover the registration of deaths relating to non-natural causes such as terrorism activities, people’s commotions, natural disasters and deaths that have been caused by non-natural causes and in the event of inability to find the dead bodies. read more

Senior UN envoy to visit Somalia next week to push for early

The delegation will be headed by Mr. Annan’s Special Representative for Somalia, François Lonsény Fall, and will include representatives of the Somalia Advisory Contact Group of interested countries established earlier this year to support the peace process, the UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) announced today.Mr. Annan’s appeal two days ago was his latest call for dialogue between the Union of Islamic Courts, which controls the capital Mogadishu, and the Transitional Federal Parliament based in Baidoa.The third round of peace talks between the parties in Khartoum, Sudan, were scheduled to be held on 30 October but were postponed because the two parties came with some preconditions and are now scheduled to be held in mid-December, Mr. Fall told the Security Council earlier this month. They are intended to discuss security and power sharing in the impoverished drought-stricken country, which has been wracked by factional fighting and has had no functioning national government since President Muhammad Siad Barre’s regime was toppled in 1991.“The talks which are now suspended should resume very quickly,” Mr. Annan said on Wednesday. “I also urge the two groups, the Transitional Government and the Islamic Courts, to avoid further confrontation and military action.”In his briefing to the Council, Mr. Fall called on neighbouring States to avoid interfering in its affairs and using it for a proxy war. He told reporters afterwards that “there’s a real danger of engulfing this crisis to all the Horn of Africa because we see there is some interference in the Somalia issue” and said the UN was doing its best “to recall to all the Member States in the region to respect the maximum restraint, to not interfere directly in the Somalia issue because we know that Somalia can be the theatre of a proxy war between some countries in the region.” read more

Lebanese President appeals for support to assist hundreds of thousands of Syrian

Calling the Syrian refugee crisis “the most pressing and biggest burden” facing Lebanon, Mr. Sleiman said his country’s resources have been stretched to their capacity, with more than one fourth of Lebanon’s population now made up of Syrian refugees.According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as of August this year, Lebanon was hosting more than 700,000 Syrian refugees.While he thanked countries that had pledged donations in January, Mr. Sleiman stressed that these commitments have only been partially fulfilled as needs have dramatically increased.“As it is not possible to impose on nations – and individuals – the “impossible”…it is important for me to reiterate, from this very rostrum, my call for your States to support the proposals I have already put forth, in order to ease this escalating burden […],” Mr. Sleiman said.Those proposals include providing sufficient funds to meet the basic humanitarian and livelihood needs of Syrian refugees, consolidating frameworks and spaces to lodge refugees on Syrian territories that are out of reach of the ongoing conflict, and holding an international conference on the issue of Syrian refugees to look for ways to share the burdens and numbers among States.He also called for support for the International Support Group for Lebanon, which “has placed the issue of the refugees at the top of its priority list – all of this pending the sought political solution for the Syrian crisis, which would ensure a safe and dignified return of the refugees to their country, as soon as possible.”Mr. Sleiman emphasized that while Lebanon remains committed to Baabda Declaration, which sets out Lebanon’s disassociation from the negative fallout of regional crises. The Lebanese will continue to support friendly countries facing the negative repercussions of external conflicts. “Not only do [the Lebanese] look up to that assistance out of brotherly and friendly solidarity, but also based on the common responsibility thrust upon the international community as a whole, regarding the problems which pose a threat to regional and global security in general,” he said.He is one of scores of leaders to speak at the annual General Assembly session at which heads of State and Government and other high-level officials will present their views and comments on issues of individual national and international relevance. The General debate opened today and concludes on 1 October. read more

UN envoy continues Syria consultations seeking views on launching political process

Among those who met with Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura was the Islamic scholar Muhammad Al Habash, who shared his thoughts on methods and processes to facilitate a peaceful solution to the conflict, based on religious perspectives and traditions, according to UN spokesperson Farhan Haq.Mr. Haq said the Special Envoy also met with Hind Kabawat and Asma Kftarou from a civil society organization called ‘Tastaqil,’ discussing the unacceptable suffering of the Syrian people and the urgent need to end violence and reach a political solution, and he also received a delegation from the Kurdish National Council, with whom he shared views on ways to end the conflict, with due respect for Syrian diversity while maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.The Spokesman said that Mr. de Mistura also met with Najla Riachi Assaker, the Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the UN in Geneva. They discussed ways to support Syria in launching a political process, as well as the urgent need to alleviate the humanitarian suffering and its impact on the neighbouring countries.Mr. de Mistura also received with deep sadness news of the kidnapping of a priest, Father Jacques Mourad, yesterday in Homs, describing the “grave act” as being unfortunately not the first of its kind and “one of the sad consequences” of the raging conflict. read more

Carlos Perez still main Hungarian power

← Previous Story Double Austrian win over Portugal Next Story → Valero Rivera: “Our dream to repeat history of Football” Carlos PerezHungary handball Negotations coming to the end, succesful. Legendary Cuban, Carlos Perez (40) will play at next World Championship in Sweden for Hungarian national team. Very vital, powerfull left back, who came to Vezsprem in late 90’s, became one of the most important players in last decade of the Hungarian national team.However, Laszlo Nagy, right back of Barcelona and the biggest Hungarian handball star, still is unavaliable for the national team.Hungary is in the Group B of WC 2011 with Norway, Austria, Iceland, Japan and Brasil. At the last WC 2009 in Croatia, Hungary won 6th place. read more

Gardaí investigate sudden death of teen found in community centre

first_imgGARDAÍ ARE INVESTIGATING the sudden death of a teenager who was reported to have been found in a community hall in Blessington.It is not believed to have been a violent death. A garda investigation is underway to establish the circumstances.The gardaí were contacted by a Naas hospital after the teen was brought there.He later passed away in the hospital.He had been found at St Kevin’s Community Centre in Blessington.More as we get it.last_img

Community Employment places to be expanded as Varadkar calls them essential and

first_imgCommunity Employment places to be expanded as Varadkar calls them ‘essential’ and ‘worthwhile’ The minister says the schemes “do work that has to be done”. Short URL Friday 7 Apr 2017, 10:46 PM Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar. By Rónán Duffy https://jrnl.ie/3330182 THE GOVERNMENT WANTS to make it easier for people to take part in community employment schemes and is to reduce the entrance age from 25 to 21.The CE scheme is designed to help disadvantaged people or those in long-term unemployment gain work in the local community as a stepping stone to regular work.Frequently though, the work is used to bridge a gap in local services and, while the schemes grew during the recession, Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar claims it is getting more difficult to fill the places.“Unemployment has gone down by two-thirds and as a result of that some very important CE schemes around the country, who do work that has to be done, you know meals on wheels, looking after graveyards, sports clubs, tidy towns they’re having great difficulty filling the vacancies in those essential schemes,” Varadkar told RTÉ’s News at One.As well as reducing the age by which people can enter a scheme, it will also be made easier for people to re-enter a scheme or apply to extend it for a second year.Those over 55 years of age will be allowed to remain on a CE scheme for three years.The scheme has been running since 1994 and there are 32,000 places on CE schemes this year.Based on 19.5 hours worked, the minimum payment rate for CE schemes is €215.50 per week. It is paid by sponsor which receives a grant from The Department of Social Protection.The scheme is seen as having a dual role and those roles are to be formalised with places on the scheme soon to be categorised as being either social inclusion or activation.Varadkar made reference to that dual role when asked about them this afternoon: Apr 7th 2017, 10:46 PM Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar. Image: Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ie We’re going to protect the number of CE places, really recognising two things, that community employment isn’t just about employment activation but also about social inclusion, giving people who quite frankly, let’s be honest find it difficult to hold down a job and give them something worthwhile to do.“And also recognising the fact that the work that they do is essential work that would have to be done anyway. In fact, probably should be done by local authorities and health services, but it’s not,” he added.Read: Unemployment down but over 100,000 people now ‘trapped’ in part-time work >Read: Unemployment rate drops to post-crash low of 7.2% > Share472 Tweet Email16 21,259 Views 38 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ielast_img read more

Constantinou pleads not guilty to sex workers murder

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Steve Constantinou, 49, has pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court to murdering sex worker Johanna ‘Jazzy O’ Martin. 65 year old ‘Jazzy O’ was found in Port Melbourne on October 11, 2011, wrapped in a sheet with her ankles tied and a mark around her neck. According to the Crown prosecutor Mark Rochford, Constatinou had the motivation to seriously injure Ms Martin due to owing the sex worker a substantial sum of money. The accused confessed to being with Ms Martin when she died, however told the court he believed it was “a sex act gone wrong”. It was discovered that Ms Martin’s last phone call was to the accused on the day her body was found. Following further investigations of Constantinou’s GPS, it appears that the accused had driven to the location of the dumped body that same day. The case put forward by Mr Rochford is that Constantinou strangled Ms Martin in his apartment, after which he went on to sell her jewelry at a pawn broker in Footscray for the sum of $2100, then picked up the body and dumped it in Lormier Street, Port Melbourne. According to Mr Rochford, the accused effectively claimed that Ms Martin “strangled herself to death”. However, during the trial this possibility was disproven by a pathologist, explaining that this would have been impossible to do. Despite this, Mr Rochford’s claim that Constantinou made a conscious and deliberate decision to murder Ms Martin is currently being disputed as the trial continues.last_img read more

Un anticancéreux de SanofiAventis autorisé en Europe

first_imgUn anti-cancéreux de Sanofi-Aventis autorisé en EuropeHier, le laboratoire Sanofi-Aventis a fait savoir qu’il avait obtenu l’autorisation de la Commission européenne pour lancer son médicament contre le cancer de la prostate en Europe. Il y a quelques jours, le groupe pharmaceutique français Sanofi-Aventis retirait du marché international son médicament Anzemet en raison des risques qu’il pourrait faire prendre aux patients, et cela au milieu du scandale du Médiator. Hier, c’est une meilleure nouvelle que le groupe pharmaceutique a annoncé.À lire aussiUn ventre à bière cachait en fait une tumeur cancéreuse de trente-cinq kilosDans un communiqué, il a fait savoir : “Sanofi-Aventis annonce aujourd’hui avoir obtenu de la Commission européenne une autorisation de mise sur le marché pour Jevtana, en association avec de la prednisone ou de la prednisolone, pour le traitement des patients atteints d’un cancer de la prostate métastatique hormono-résistant traités antérieurement par une chimiothérapie à base de docétaxel1”. L’autorisation de lancement est valable pour les 27 États membres de l’Union européenne, ainsi que la Norvège, l’Islande et le Liechtenstein. Il y a quelques mois, l’Agence européenne du médicament avait commencé à étudier le Jevtana, rendant en janvier dernier un avis favorable à son sujet. Déjà en vente aux États-Unis et au Brésil, le médicament constitue un “espoir pour les patients européens pour lesquels les options de traitement sont limités, lorsque la maladie progresse après un traitement de première ligne” a expliqué le laboratoire.Le 21 mars 2011 à 14:28 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Atari VCS opens preorders at 249 for retro console featuring 4K gaming

first_img Preview • The PlayStation Classic looks great, but you’ll only want to play half of its games See It Now playing: Watch this: 4:42 Computers Gaming Desktops Share your voice $29 Tags $44 Aug 19 • Borderlands 3: FL4K, new endgame content and everything else we know E3 2019 $59 If you want the most traditional-looking Atari experience, the version sold directly by Atari is your best bet, coming in a retro Black Walnut design. GameStop is getting the all-black Onyx design, while Walmart is getting a design named Kevlar Gold, with gold details on its front panel.atari-web-exclusive-atari-vcs-800-black-walnut-all-inThe classic walnut look. Atari Orders from Walmart and GameStop are expected to ship in March, 2020, while supporters of last year’s IndieGoGo campaign could get their systems as early as December of this year. The Atari VCS runs an AMD processor with Radeon Vega graphics, and supports 4K video output for streaming video as well as for games. The native dashboard UI runs under an Atari OS, which the company has previously said is “based on a modified version of the Linux kernel.” The system will also offer a sandbox mode, which the company says will turn the VCS into an “open and expandable multimedia PC.”In further details announced at the end of E3, the company further described the software and OS platform behind the VCS. The heart of the experience will be a new Atari 2600 emulator, designed by Rob Wyatt, a system architect who has worked on everything from the original Xbox to the PlayStation 3. Additionally, running additional operating systems will be both supported and encouraged. The company says, “Accessing familiar operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, and others is easily accomplished by simply attaching an external USB drive that has the desired OS installed.” Type A USB 3 ports on the back of the system are used to connecting external drives (the internal storage is 32GB, so you’ll want to run other OSes from an external drive). In a hands-on demo with dev kit hardware, we were able to easily play Borderlands via Linux with an Xbox controller. The 8GB VCS 800 model will support 4K and HDR output, while the 4GB 400 model tops out at 1080p output. atari-peripheralsThe classic joystick and a more modern gamepad controller. Atari It’s a significantly different business model than the last wave of retro game consoles. Led by the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, gaming brands have been pushing small, under-$100 set-top boxes preloaded with emulated versions of classic games.The NES Classic and SNES Classic boxes were genuine hits. The PlayStation Classic was not, perhaps indicating the limits of retro gaming demand. atari-vcs-onyx-usbThe Onyx version with red highlights is only available at GameStop . Atari By supporting both classic and new games, and giving gamers the option of having a simple plug-and-play experience, installing new software or even running streaming video apps, the Atari VCS looks to be more of an all-in-one entertainment device. From these early details, it feels a bit like the Nvidia Shield, a living room device that offers access to both PC and Android games, video streaming and much more.More details on the Atari VCS and its features, games and hardware are expected later in 2019.Originally published June 10. Updated June 13 with additional software details.  Walmart News • The Sony PlayStation Classic hits its lowest price: $20 Sony PlayStation Classic Review • Sony PlayStation Classic review: A fine line between ‘classic’ and ‘old’ Only Walmart will offer the Kevlar Gold design.  Atari The classic Atari brand is making yet another return, this time as a retro-styled set-top box gaming console. Originally launched as a crowdfunding campaign in 2018 and raising more than $3 million, the Atari VCS console is available to preorder today from retailers Walmart and GameStop, as well as from the company website.Several models are being offered, with slightly different specs, designs and accessories. The Atari VCS 400 model has 4GB of RAM, and costs $249, while the 8GB 800 version is $279. A $389 “all in” version of the 800 console includes both a joystick and gamepad. The $49 classic-style joystick and $59 modern gamepad will also be sold separately.center_img Aug 28 • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order trailer, gameplay footage and everything we know Best Buy E3 2019 reading • Atari VCS opens preorders at $249 for retro console featuring 4K gaming plus Linux and Windows support. The new Atari VCS console is more than a retro game box See All See It • Post a comment 0 Mentioned Above Sony PlayStation Classic Aug 3 • E3 journalists see their personal info exposed by security flaw CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Jul 26 • Doom Eternal: QuakeCon ‘Year of Doom’ keynote shows more ‘Battlemode’ action See it Walmart Nvidia Nintendo GameStoplast_img read more

Senate defies Walkers call to weigh nominees

first_imgThe main doors of the Alaska Capitol face the Dimond Courthouse. (Photo by Skip Gray, 360 North – Juneau)Governor Bill Walker tried and failed to get lawmakers to vote on his nominees Thursday.Listen nowFive minutes after starting a joint session, the Legislature voted along caucus lines, 32 to 26, to adjourn without holding a vote.Senate President Pete Kelly said he plans to hold votes on the nominees before the legislative session ends. The deadline to end the session is May 17th.Kelly said the Legislature should focus on the budget and a plan to draw from the Permanent Fund to balance the budget. While some nominees have been controversial, Kelly denied that was a factor in the delay.“There’s nothing about this that has anything to do with any person,” Kelly said. “There’s no one that I know of with a target on their back. I think there’s some people who may have some difficulties. There’s no question about that. But none of this has anything to do with any of the nominees.”Kelly and other Republican lawmakers have raised questions about Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth, Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission member Hollis French and Human Rights Commission member Drew Phoenix.They and another 100 nominees will continue to act in their positions until either a vote or the end of the session. If there’s no vote, all of the nominees must leave their positions.House Speaker Bryce Edgmon said the Legislature should act on the nominees and then move on to other business.“I was very disappointed that we couldn’t get that work done today, knowing the workload that lies before the Legislature,” Edgmon said.Walker issued a proclamation on Wednesday calling the Legislature into a joint session, after the Senate twice turned down the House’s invitation to meet.In a letter to Walker, Kelly called the proclamation “an unproductive distraction.”Of the legislators present at the session, every Senate majority and House minority member voted to adjourn, while every Senate minority and House majority member voted against adjournment.last_img read more

Jet Airways to sell 6 Boeing 777 aircraft in a bid to

first_imgA Jet Airways passenger aircraft prepares to land at the airport in the western Indian city of AhmedabadReuters fileJet Airways and its stakeholders of late haven’t really been experiencing the joy of flying, thanks to the financial woes dogging the carrier. The airline, which is reeling under a debt of about Rs 1,800 crore, is now reportedly planning to sell six of its Boeing 777 aircraft, and the amount received from the sale will be used to clear dues.Speaking of the plan, Jet Airways chief financial officer Amit Agarwal told analysts on Tuesday that six aircraft have been identified for the purpose.”The airline has identified six Boeing 777 aircraft, which it will sell to lessors under sale and leaseback and use the proceeds to pay most of the aircraft debt,” Livemint quoted Agarwal as telling the analysts.The sale and leaseback process is one in which an airline sells its aircraft to a buyer and then leases it from the latter for operations. By doing this, the balance sheet of the carrier is cleared of the aircraft, as well as, all the liabilities associated with it.The full-service carrier also plans to finance the purchase of additional Boeing 737 Max aircraft through the sale and leaseback process and may sell the remaining 10 planes that it owns.Agarwal also said that Jet will receive 15 new Boeing 737 Max aircraft in fiscal 2020, and remove 75 old Boeing 737 aircraft from service by 2025.To improve its financial situation, Jet also said that it will restrategise its business module on routes that aren’t profitable and also hopes that the fares will rise soon.The Naresh Goyal-owned airline has consistently been making losses, due to which Goyal was said to be looking for a new investor to raise working capital. He had reportedly spoken to Mukesh Ambani and Ratan Tata, and on November 13, Livemint had reported that the Tata Group had already started conducting due diligence of the carrier. In July 2017, Jet Airways had asked its junior pilots, who joined the brand in 2016, to take a 30 percent pay cut or leaveReutersHowever, Jet Airways has called the report speculative, declining to make any comments on the matter. “…The subject news is speculative in nature and that there is no discussion or decision in the board which would require a disclosure…,” Jet Airways said in a response, according to the Press Trust of India.It was earlier also reported that the management of the carrier had told its pilots that it may have to ground about 23 Boeing 737 aircraft to cut costs.The issue was raised during a meeting with the National Aviators Guild (NAG), the pilot union of Jet, on October 9, attended by the carrier’s CEO Vinay Dube, and chief people officer Rahul Taneja. “The management suggested it is looking at grounding 23 Boeing 737s operating on domestic routes to mitigate losses,” one of the senior pilots, who was at the meeting, told the Financial Express.However, Jet Airways has denied the reports of 23 Boeing 737s being grounded, calling the information “factually incorrect” and “misleading.””Jet Airways categorically denies your information which is factually incorrect and misleading. The airline also urges the publication to refrain from reporting speculative information being circulated via sources with malicious intent,” a Jet Airways spokesperson told the Financial Express.last_img read more

Internet Gutter Steam Shovelware

first_imgStay on target Online is a strange and terrifying place. It’s enabled us to connect with one another, advance the causes of science and culture, and unite the world with a glowing net of data. It’s also enabled people with very… particular interests to find each other. In this weekly series, we’ll be dipping into the Internet Gutter – the strange subcultures and weird worlds lurking in the dark pockets of the World Wide Web.Steam ShovelwareIn the olden days, if you wanted to buy a new computer game you had to haul your ass down to an Electronics Boutique or a Babbage’s or whatever and take a box home. That obviously was less than ideal, so we’re thankful that Gaben and the boys at Valve came up with Steam. Steam’s great! But it also has a few pretty big problems. Because the company doesn’t make any pretensions towards quality control, certainly less than salubrious publishers use Steam as a place to dump cheaply-made games to make a quick buck. The dark and grimy world of these games is our latest culvert in the Internet Gutter.AdChoices广告Stolen Asset ValorSo here’s the thing: it’s easier than ever to make a video game. There are so many engines and tools out there that you can use.But it’s still pretty hard to make a good video game. And most people don’t. They have a half-ass idea and slap some screenshots up on Greenlight, hoping for the best. While the system was originally designed to weed out the crap, it’s not really working. It’s too easy to rig Greenlight votes, and just about anything eventually gets through.Gamers have been begging Valve to incorporate some kind of quality control filter, but it doesn’t look likely. Seemingly every day, at least one new awful game makes its way live on Steam. One of the best places to learn about these games is the ShittySteamGames subreddit, which keeps a close eye on the latest trash to hit the platform.This Looks FamiliarThere are a couple of genres of games that you’ll see over and over on Steam Greenlight.First is the “rolling ball simulator,” where you control an orb of some sort through a landscape of polygons. No, Marble Madness clones aren’t popular in 2017. This is a favorite tutorial for the Unity game engine, which dumb developers think they can sell as an actual game with enough spin. Needless to say, they’re rarely successful.Second is the over-ambitious “survival game,” based on hits like DayZ. That game gives players a rich canvas to explore, filled with other players and tense encounters. The host of imitators fail on every one of those, typically populating vast, empty areas with stock assets and praying that the servers hold up with more than three or four people. Spoilers: they don’t.Inept first-person shooters are very popular, as are Minecraft clones and Five Nights At Freddy’s ripoffs. There are also more than a few dumb Final Fantasy tributes made in RPG Maker. Originality, in general, is in short supply on Steam these days.Last year saw an exciting new genre hit the platform: atrocious VR. Now you can enjoy every played-out genre listed above, but this time with added nausea and eye strain.The Kings Of CrapThe undisputable overlords of the Steam shovelware scene were brothers James and Robert Romine, who churned out cruft under the studio name Digital Homicide. Using the Unity game engine and a bunch of pre-created assets, they produced generic, buggy action titles that somehow made it through Greenlight. In 2016, they churned out thirteen games – and that’s even considering they went out of business in October.Digital Homicide’s path of destruction on Steam is littered with brutally bad reviews where pissed-off gamers point out the shoddy workmanship on display. Their games are woefully simplistic, ugly as hell and insultingly short.What really puts the Romine brothers over the top is their attitude towards criticism. Every platform has haters, and Steam is no different. But while most developers read user comments and think about how they could improve their games, Digital Homicide went in the other direction and sued the critics. In addition to YouTube pundit Jim Sterling, the company targeted a hundred Steam users in an $18 million suit.Valve finally had enough and booted the Romine brothers off the platform, an unprecedented move. They’re currently trying to level a suit against Valve as well.Rats OffWe’re going to end this Internet Gutter dive with a game that’s so bad it’s wrapped around to become a huge success. Bad Rats is a physics puzzle game that hit Steam in 2009, long before the platform opened up for the shovelware glut we’ve been writing about. No bones about it: it’s terribly bad.Because Steam lets you give games to friends, it became popular to troll other users by gifting them copies of Bad Rats. That then spawned a meme where people wrote the most absurdly glowing, over-the-top reviews possible. All this attention led to the developers actually releasing a (just as bad) sequel in 2016.If you look for games from 2009 that people are still talking about and playing, you’re not likely to find that many. The longevity of Bad Rats is a testament to exactly how goofy Steam is as a service. The fact that a game that is undeniably capital-B bad can become a steady seller that’s found in the libraries of thousands of gamers probably gives a kernel of hope to all the other crap developers out there.Keep on shooting for the stars, guys. We’ll see you in the gutter. Internet Gutter: Crisis ActorsInternet Gutter: Mukbang last_img read more

Amit Shahs rally Mamata says all permissions have been given

first_imgKolkata: Chief Mamata Banerjee said the BJP is circulating false news over the state government’s denial to give permission to hold rallies for BJP’s national president Amit Shah in Bengal.Before leaving for North Bengal, the Chief Minister said the state government has given all the necessary permission to hold rallies. “BJP is circulating fake news. We have given every permission. The police have asked to shift the site where a temporary helipad is to come up. Only the place of landing has been changed for safety and security reasons. They have asked for permission at different places and we have given all the permissions,” Banerjee said. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe West Bengal police in its Twitter handle mentioned: “Some media is incorrectly showing that police is not giving permission for Amit Shah’s meetings which the party have applied for in different districts. This is incorrect. The matter is being processed and no objection is being given.” It further stated: “Some problem from security point of view are there for construction of helipads which is also cleared from security angle at appropriate places.” The rallies come close on the heels of a mega public meeting organised in Kolkata’s Brigade Parade Ground by the Trinamool Congress in which all top Opposition leaders from across the country were present.last_img read more

Haitian company added to USbacked assembly park

first_img Men’s health affects baby’s health too Sae-A, the main tenant, is scheduled to begin shipping T-shirts in September. Among the company’s 20 existing factories are plants in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Indonesia and Vietnam.Sae-A has contracts with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to make products in Haiti, and Target Corp. executives recently toured the project.Workers will be paid Haiti’s minimum wage, which is $5 a day, and will be eligible for bonuses based on performance.Critics of Haiti’s garment sector say the wage isn’t enough to provide a living.Critics also worry the industrial park could replicate earlier development efforts that spawned poor neighborhoods.One of Haiti’s biggest shantytowns, Cite Soleil, was originally designed as a housing project for people working in a nearby manufacturing plant in Port-au-Prince. But when years of political instability scared off investors, the facility faltered and so did its employees. Cite Soleil is now a maze-like shantytown.Caracol’s proponents argue they have spread investments in multiple communities in the north in an effort to prevent such an outcome. The projects range from not only housing and infrastructure but also agriculture.“The idea was really to do development differently and to break with the development that Haiti has seen in the past,” said Jean-Louis Warnholz, senior adviser to Mills, who is counselor and chief of staff to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths The newest tenant, Peintures Caraibes SA, will join South Korean garment manufacturer Sae-A Trading Co. Ltd. and will export paint made by Sherwin Williams along with its own locally made paint.The facility will initially employ 167 people, with the expectation of hiring a total of 350 people, said Pierre Yves Gardere, CEO of Peintures Caraibes.“It’s Haitian companies that came to the park and we’re waiting for others to come, too,” Martelly said at the future site of Peintures Caraibes, which is expected to begin production in October.Financed by $224 million in subsidies, the Caracol Park is the U.S.’s biggest investment in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake clobbered the capital of Port-au-Prince and threw up to 1.5 million people into grim settlements in southern Haiti.The bulk of reconstruction has focused on the crowded capital and other heavily damaged cities, but the U.S. government has also directed rebuilding efforts to other parts of Haiti.The Caracol project on a 617-acre (250-hectare) site was in the works long before the earthquake and is supposed to be Haiti’s largest private employer. The goal is to provide 20,000 jobs at the park and create 133,000 in all through cottage industries. 0 Comments   Share   Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, familycenter_img (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Sponsored Stories More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Associated PressCARACOL, Haiti (AP) – The Haitian government agreed Tuesday to allow a local painting manufacturing company become the second tenant at a major U.S.-backed industrial park under construction in the northern end of the country.The agreement came after President Michel Martelly and Cheryl Mills of the U.S. State Department took a tour of a 10-megawatt electrical plant that will power the Caracol Haiti Industrial Park and houses for up to 1,500 workers by year’s end. Top Stories last_img read more

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